Rising Frustration Over the Homelessness Crisis in …

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Sep 20, 2023 About 171,000 people living in California are homeless, a total that, stunningly, accounts for nearly one-third of all the homeless people.

The financial struggles of the poor and underserved in our society are spreading and becoming more persistent as the economy remains unstable and job losses are increasing in this segment of the population.

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We do this by eliminating or at least reducing the day-to-day costs of living.

Since the Nexus Snap Program was created to address two pervasive problems in our society:

  • High food shortages
  • Low income

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With Nexus Rewards’ groundbreaking platform, a close dissection of those 171,000 homeless individuals could be compiled into a team to pull each other from poverty to prosperity, using the tools and the program within the Nexus Backoffice.

Homeless shelters and government entities

With direct communication to this community, these leaders could spearhead this transformative change by seamlessly integrating free apps like Rakuten and Upside into its ecosystem.

Rakuten: Turning Free Apps into Cashback Goldmines

Instead of a frozen turkey for Christmas, give the residents a Rakuten link and a chance out of poverty so they can start creating a free income for themselves and their survival.

When and if the next step becomes appropriate, these same entities could introduce the Nexus Premium Compensation Program. Together, they present a powerful formula that has the potential to end poverty for many.

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