Go Viral -The Key to Online Success

The Top 5 Ways to Go Viral Online

Creating a viral ad campaign is a great way for solopreneurs to get their message out to the world, increase their reach, and increase their revenue. Using automated marketing technology to help small businesses go viral online is critical.

Viral Ad Masters : Mission & Scope

The mission of viraladmasters.com is to research innovative strategies and technologies available to the small business community to aid in affecting a viral marketing campaign that will increase their email subscribers, sales, and profits in their business.

With this mission in mind, we reveal the psychology behind “going viral” and share automated marketing strategies. Omnichannel marketing is a fast and effective marketing technique to reach the largest audience. Software solutions for marketing using AI technology are all the rage online. This technology can help small businesses take their message to the masses. These techniques, when used correctly, will help these businesses reach their financial goals.

1. Create a Viral Giveaway to Grow Your List

How to use contests and giveaways to create a viral marketing strategy.

Leverage the power of Social media & King Sumo to make your contest campaigns a viral success (example Giveaway)

How Can You Offer Travel Incentives to Your Audience

Nothing is more valuable to your business growth than having a system to generate email subscribers and customers on demand.

Share on Facebook Send as a messageTweet about it

Send by email using one of our awesome templates

Embed a badge on your website to promote the giveawayEmbed the giveaway on your website

Copy Link

Use Sumo to promote this giveaway on your website

Giveaways and competitions are very effective fo rattracting new customers to your brand

  • You can request that your contestant share your offer
  • You can gaining followers and social media involvement
  • Providing more rewards for behaviors that advance your brand

Viral Marketing is equivalent to online word-of-mouth advertising and it is considers a lot more lucrative.

That’s because using this straightforward, little-known technique doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money in paid advertising. Your prospective suctomers will trust a recommendation from a friend or relative than any other type of marketing? We use this referral marketing technique in our viral marketing campaigns.

If a friend or member of your family suggests something, you’re considerably more likely to follow through and buy it.

(reviews, downloads, shares, user-generated content, etc.)

2. Social Contests

The Best GiveAway Products are Software & Vacations

Vacation Incentive Marketing is the top pickSoftware has a higher perceived value than any other digital product.aways and competitions are wonderful because they allow you to instantly increase traffic, followers, and engagement.

3. Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Go Viral on Social Media

Use Automation to Grow Your Social Media Followers

  • Target your niche audience
  • Like and follow other users
  • Schedule posts
  • Automate content curation
Viraldashboard Evolution is The Most In-Demand Content Creation &
Social Automation Tool

Social media is undeniably one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy for every business today.

Using Social Media to to go Viral will increase your need Leads, Traffic And Sales.

Create, Schedule & Publish Your Content To Your Facebook PagesGroupsInstagramGoogle My BusinessPinterestLinkedIn & Twitter Accounts

4. Post Consistently

Plan Your Post 6 months in Advance

Did you know that the timing of your posts directly influences how many people will see it?  you can spend days making a beautiful and educational video that you need to go viral.  The chances of that are slim it if your viral video gets drowned out by the a deluge of other content and doesn’t show up in people’s feeds.

Viral Dash Evolution is the only software we found that will assist you in planning when your content will be published.

Schedule Your Posts

You should aim your content for a specific time of day such as when people check their phones before going to bed or shortly after they arrive home from work?

You can finally stop devoting hours or days posting content on Social Media Platforms.  Viral Dashboard can schedule your posts for you 1 month in advance, so you do not have to be a slave to your social media campaigns.

Curate Content Automatically

Get Instant Access To 23,748 DFY Social Media Kits, Templates & Graphics To Launch Amazing Social Media Campaigns Like a Pro

Many of the most successful influencers, personal brands, bloggers, and companies promoting their brands, use freelancers or agencies for their content creation.

Check Out the Demo of Viral Dashboard Evolution >> Viral Dashboard Evolution

Increase Your Audience Engagement

Your ideal consumer has  many choices for every product they may consider purchasing online.  How do you get them to choose you as their vendor of choice. 

How will you convince them to purchase from your website as opposed to those of the other vendors or rivals who are also vying for their business?

The solution is to develop a core audience and nurture those individuals into being ardent supporters and consumers. Although it seems very simple, most brands struggle to execute  because they believe this process requires a lot of time, money, and skill.

Along with giving away high value incentives to your prospecitve subcriber, you will also instantly boost your sales and turn your buyers into loyal fans using Incentive based marketing.

5. Automate Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right.

Syndicate Your Video Across Multiple Channels

“Since 2007 I’ve known how important it is to syndicate your videos. SyVID is an easy to use, straight forward software that lets you publish and share your videos to multiple video sharing and social media sites, the ULTIMATE insyndication! It’s a great way to get more exposure to your videos and turn that into free traffic.”

What is SydVid?

  • Post high-quality video content consistently.
  • Create videos on controversial topics.
  • Network to improve your chances of virality.
  • Tap into subject matter expertise and distribute your video.
  • Leverage trends to create more viral videos.

In Just 3-Clicks..

Syvid WalkThrough
  • Upload and publish your videos on 8 video sharing websites.
  • Share Your published videos on 15 social media websites.
  • Syndicates and schedules multiple video upload campaigns.
  • Rank page #1 on Google for your keywords.
  • Higher Google rankings brings more free traffic and views
  • Automatically write unique titles and description of each unique upload using spintext

Get Syvid Here >>Sydvid

Going viral as a lone entrepreneur, means you are spending hours trying to create and post content. The average marketer does not have the time, nor the income to hire a Virtual Assistant to manually post to all the relevant social media sites on a consistent basis.

5. Add a Chatbot to Your Website

Customer Service

Chatbots offer Instant Customer Support

Did You Know That By The End Of This Year A Staggering 85% Of Customer Interactions Will Be With Bots!”

Sell bots to local businesses for profit and Create immediate revenue from home and become very profitable using automated bots.

The statistics about high crazy open rates and high click through rates with chatbots and messenger marketing is rue. The fact is that when a visitor lands on your website or receves your sales message they are more likely to buy from a bot. With emerging 2-way conversational bots, the success rate of bots increasing exponentially.

 Explode Sales With Just One line of code.

  • 91% Satisfaction 100%
  • 6925 Evaluations 20%
  • 24s Avg. response time

Convert More Visitors Into Quality Leads & Buyers

Imagine being able to take ANY website and transform it into a sales & lead machine in SECONDS?

INCREASE website Sales and Automatically generate leads…In UNDER 60 Seconds when you add ConversioBot to your website.

  • WITHOUT needing to know a thing about coding
  • WITHOUT needing to spend a dollar on expensive live chat agents
  • WITHOUT even needing a website to profit with ConversioBot!!

Conversiobot exploits a NEW “AI” Technology similar to that used by BIG companies like Amtrak, Disney, H&M & Mastercard.

Short on time? Check out the demo here 

ConversioBot’s an automated Chatbot which engages with your visitors in a really fun and interactive way.

The founders have used their highly sophisticated ChatBot to:

  • AUTOMATICALLY build a massive Email List of 11,643 Subscribers in just 7 days
  • AUTOMATICALLY add 6,386 Sales in only 6 months
  • AUTOMATICALLY explode their Conversion Rate by 198% in only 6 hours.
Use “chatbots” to add some automation to your blog or website in addition to automating your social media chores.

Automate your daily chores, engage with your visitors


Going viral is a mission statement for many advertising agencies around the world. Going viral can mean instant fame and wealth. My favorite example of the effects of going viral is Tabitha Brown, who has created a mega empire that started with her posting a YouTube video of her eating a vegan sandwhich in her car.

It is interesting to discover that successful viral marketing can be created based on behavioral psychology.

Going viral is as much a science as it is a technique. Once the marketing community understands how psychology applies to creating content that gets shared, this will constitute a large part of how successful your viral campaign becomes.

Our mission is to research, evaluate and present those programs that present the best viral strategies (at a reasonable price) and present them to the struggling home based business owner.

Virginia Sanders, aka Richnana Reviewsz : Virginia is the marketing arm for https://viraladmasters.com, owned by GinJoSu Web Services. She is the mother of twin daughters and the “Richnana” to an avid skateboarder named “Tre.” She has a passion for artificial intelligence systems, automated marketing systems, and the software that can help business owners scale their businesses to a level of profitability . During her leisure time, she loves to watch Tre’s skate videos while preparing him to launch his own line of skateboard urban wear.