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Information from a successful 7-figure marketer? Helping people like you make more money online.The sad reality, though, is that most people do not want to be helped.­­­­

Most of the time, very little is required in order to achieve huge gains, yet most people will rather work their fingers to the bone, working for a tiny salary, than to skip one Netflix movie a day to put in a small effort to change their life forever.

Allow me to give you an example that you will wholeheartedly agree is possible without even trying very hard. However, are you willing to do even this little to change your life?

Minimal effort for a big payoff. Most everyone getting into affiliate marketing does so thinking they will make a fortune overnight, hopping from opportunity or shiny object to the next, never taking the time to develop a plan of action.

So, before you buy that next shiny object you think is going to make you rich, why not try this instead?

Create capture pages that send and deposit leads to your autoresponder, and instead of sending traffic to an affiliate offer, send it to your capture page instead.

By spending as little as 30 minutes a day driving traffic to your capture pages, you will soon start to get opt-ins.

If you do this consistently, you will start building your list, even if you only get two new subscribers a day.

Forget about striking it rich this week. Two new subscribers are the equivalent of a $2 increase in your income every month. Yeah, I know, it does not sound like much…But.

Factor in 2 new subscribers per day, which equates to a $14 pay rise each and every week. A
After your first month of trying to make money online, you will be up to $60, if not more.

As time goes on, you will get better at driving traffic, and your opt-in rate will improve, but even if you are the exception to the rule and continue to only get 2 new subscribers every day,
You will take home $4680 in twelve months.

Month 1 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 12 months = $720)Month
2 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 11 months = $660)
3 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 10 months = $600)
4 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 9 months = $540)
5 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 8 months = $480)
6 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 7 months = $420) months
7 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 6 months = $360) months
8 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 5 months = $300)
9 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 4 months = $240)
10 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 3 months = $180)
11 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 2 months = $120)
12 (60 subscribers x 1 subscriber per month x 1 month = $60) 

That figure will double next year!

You have to admit, it makes a big difference in your thought process once you remove the greed factor.
I truly don’t think that it’s a coincidence that you are here. Are you willing to spend 30 minutes a day to get a $5,000 raise every year?

Check out our money-making funnel so you can start your journey with your list of email subscribers.

If you decide to take the challenge, there is a very high likelihood that your life will change drastically within the next couple of weeks.
Everybody knows that before you can walk, you need to learn how to crawl.

Well, Virginia, if you take up this challenge and do what I tell you, in two weeks’ time, I am going to show you how to sprint for the rest of your life. Not only that, but you will also be selling your very own product by then!
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