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Gabe Schillinger Used UpViral Marketing Referral Funnels to Go From Starving Artist to Music Production Millionaire

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An online article caught my eye as I was struggling to find examples of marketing success using viral marketing.

Viral With A New Meaning

It is obvious that the term viral has caught the attention of marketers all over the world as we move from the obvious relationship of the pandemic and turn our attention to trying to get traction in our online businesses.

As the name of my site implies, I was done with the traditional forms of online marketing for struggling entrepreneurs and sole marketers.

I was frustrated by the continuous posting and sending of emails and by reading hundreds of duplicate boasts about how marketers were making thousands of dollars by sending one email.

The biggest lie is that they are using supposedly tried and true methods to create perpetual traffic or attraction marketing that took too long and bore no tangible results for the rest of us.

Safelist traffic and traffic exchanges are great places to start your marketing journey if you can find a way to harness the emails and get clicks. Many software vendors actually lie to us and tell us that they get traffic from their outdated systems while they are actually using viral marketing tools.

But the truth of the hour regarding safelists and traffic exchanges is that it is a thankless, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive way to try to get traffic.

Even more surprising is that Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo ads do not always return the large amount of cash that you expend to try to get the email subscribers, leads, and income that you need to succeed.

Enter the miracle of viral referral marketing: that is what Gabe Schillinger and countless other top-earning marketers use to create a tsunami of leads and cash in record time.

This was the answer to my question. How do you really make money online without the time-consuming, arduous task of SEO and expensive Facebook and Google Ads, not including safelist marketing and the long, repetitive time spent responding to the boatload of emails as a result?

Follow along with me as I relate the story of Gabe Schillinger and the software he used to generate 41,000 leads and $200,000 in one weekend, and how my job as a marketer is to reproduce these results for you.

Gabe Schillinger is a visionary music producer. He was able to harness the power of viral marketing to elevate his fledgling music production venture, Legion Beats, into an industry juggernaut.

As marketers, our desire like Gabe’s is to turn our dreams of going viral and earning residual income into reality through ingenious marketing strategies.

Early Struggles:

Gabe struggled to get to the top. Success didn’t come easy. Until the age of 27, he found himself living in his father’s house, barely able to afford fast food.

Determined to change his trajectory, Gabe ventured into online sales, uncovering his second passion: marketing.

The Spark of Funnels:

Gabe’s initial online sales strategy focused mostly around YouTube and yielded modest returns. But everything changed when he stumbled upon the concept of funnels. Recognizing the potential of using free beats as a lead magnet to build a customer list, Gabe laid the foundation for Legion Beats’ future success.

Why Nexus Rewards is the program we chose. If you aquire 1,000 lpremiere members for your Nexus Business, you will earn a cool $10,000 per month and be qualified to earn additional income in 10 different ways all while helping your friends, neighbor and associates lead a better life.

$10,000 on Black Friday:

The turning point for Gabe’s dreams came during Black Friday in 2016. Gabe seized the opportunity by creating a new landing page with an upsell offer, resulting in a staggering $10,000 in a single day. By year’s end, he had amassed $30,000, marking the beginning of his remarkable journey.

The Game-Changer: $200,000 in One Week and How He Achieved It:

Gabe’s prior experiences set the stage for his most ambitious click-funnel campaign. In 2019, he launched an astounding Upviral campaign that generated 41,000 leads and an astonishing $200,000 in revenue within a week.

Of course, we cannot predict the outcome of your campaign but here is the blueprint we use for upcoming campaigns

The Blueprint for Success: Our giveaway platform for viral giveaways is King Sumo and UpViral.

King Sumo offers their software for one payment of $49.95. Upviral has a low $79.00/month cost

These are the highlights of Gabe’s offer with related items , we offer for your campaign

  1. Provide Exceptional Value:

Gabe’s Black Friday giveaway included an array of unparalleled prizes:

  • Studio time
  • Song recording
  • Production
  • Music video creation
  • Promotional support.

We offer amazing vacation getaways for our future customers provided by Marketing Boost.

  1. Timing Is Key:

Gabe launched his campaign on Black Friday tapped into the season when people were more inclined to spend, making it the perfect time for upsells.

With Upviral and King Sumo combination, we can set and up and fund year around campaigns depending on the season, your target audience and the general needs of the population we serve.

  1. Extended Duration:

Gabe’s campaigns typically spanned 4 to 8 weeks, creating sustained excitement and community engagement.

  1. Low-Risk Prizes:

While the grand prize in Gabe’s example was extravagant, Gabe ensured it posed minimal risk to his business. During his first giveaway, he offered just 100 free beats.

  1. Incentivized Referrals:

Gabe’s campaigns incorporated viral components, offering extra rewards to participants who referred friends—a strategy that amplified his campaign’s reach.

in our example, we offer a Hotel Discount card for every entrant. and after so many referrals, we offer a dinnng card. See below:

Hotel Cards from $100 – $500 Value
Dining cards from $100-$200 Value

Gabe Schillinger’s extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to music production powerhouse exemplifies the transformative potential of viral marketing.

We can use this strategic funnel implementation in our own campaigns.

This implementation of viral marketing with referrals is exactly what UpViral Referral Marketing and King Sumo Giveaway Incentive Marketing Systems provide.

The software is easy to use, and we have tweaked our viral campaigns to use several software implementations to amplify this process.

The bottom line is that we use creative thinking and perseverance in the campaigns that we create so that we can achieve success for our clients in the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Viral Ad Masters is dedicated to your success. We research test and implement various viral based programs to produce extraordinary results for your marketing channels.

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