With the inflated cost of living, particularly in housing, many working families are on the brink of financial ruin.

For those individuals who have low-paying jobs, just the increase in food prices is devastating to their bottom line.

Government entities are slow to find creative solutions that are necessary to break this vicious cycle of poverty.

This report explores practical methods, including the use of cashback apps and referral programs, to generate additional income.

The Struggle of the Working Poor

The combination of high rent prices and stagnant wages has created a crisis for many working families.

Despite holding jobs, these individuals often find themselves unable to secure affordable housing, leading to a precarious existence where homelessness is a constant threat.

Nexus Rewards: Leveraging Cashback Apps for Additional Income

Enter Nexus Rewards’ Snap Program Nexus Rewards Snap Program is a unique but powerful concept that combines cashback, savings, and membership subscriptions that help people make money on the things they already buy.

From Poverty to Prosperity

Let us discuss a family of four that starts their journey to financial security with Nexus Rewards. The father signs up for the following Free Apps and check out how much you can earn

Rakuten & Upside:

The Offer through Nexus Rewards: On

One of the unique features of Nexus is that you can initially earn approximately $34 on free signups.
When your referrals join Nexus for free and they get and use the Free Apps, Nexus, & Upside, they will receive a $34 bonus and so will you!

  • Enroll 10 Free members and you can earn $340 in App Referral Bonuses.
  • Enroll 100 Free members, and you could earn $3400 in Bonuses.

When you refer someone to Nexus and they become a member for
$49.95, you’ll earn a $25 commission paid out the following week.

Consider this scenario of how a family moves from poverty to prosperity: This father works as a maintenance worker at a local high school.

He joins Nexus Rewards’ Snap as a free member and redeems his cashback apps, Rakuten and Upside.

The Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Referral Program.

You can join Nexus Snap here:

In the back office he inputs his Rakuten and Upside Links: He goes to Walmart and spends $30.00. After a couple of weeks, he receives $30.00 in his PayPal account or a check in the mail.

The wife and college aged daughter repeat the process

After a few days, the three individuals have referred one hundred co-workers, friends, other college age students and their church members into Nexus’ Rewards free apps.

Earn $5,900 when 100 Go Premium

The family has earned $5,900 in free income ($3400 from Rakuten & Upside, $2500 in Fast Cash Bonuse) just by opening their mouths to their friends and family. 

Using the most powerful advertising method known to man: Word of Mouth Advertising.

The next step, the father realizes, is to keep the momentum going so the three family members join Nexus, each paying $49.95.

Low Cost: There is a one-time $40 Setup fee, and a $9.95 monthly subscription to become a Premium Member with Nexus.

As premium members the family will receive discounts, savings, and more cashback rewards on everything they buy both online and offline.

Membership Has its Privileges

As premium members, the family will participate in the lucrative referral rewards program that enables the family to build a residual income.

Emboldened by the almost instant infusion of cash from the free apps. (Warning: Rakuten pays quarterly, Nexus Bonus Cash is paid within 7 days)

The family encourages their one hundred referrals to also join Nexus Rewards, As a result, the family banks another $2500

For purposes of this scenario the family refers to Nexus and they become premium member for $49.95, the family earns a $25 commission paid out the following week.

Project that when these referrals from your co-workers, high school parents, church members and others start to bring in new enrollments, both the new members and the family start to receive bonus commissions.

More Bonuses More Cash

These bonuses can extend ten plus levels deep. Look at the chart below:  The possible earnings are amazing.

Within the pages, we give you actionable viral lead generation strategies to get to your 100 referrals quickly.

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