Viral Marketing

The intent of a viral marketing campaign is to spread the word about your brand to a wide audience. The quickest way online to accomplish this is to create content that resonates with your intended audience. Viral marketing is a technique that marketers use to quickly spread their message. Just like a biological virus, a viral marketing campaign spreads from one person to another, resulting in a large number of views, a substantial number of social shares, and remarkable brand awareness.

PAY PER VIEW ADVERTISING – Growing your Business with Pay-Per-View Ads

The fact is, very few people know what goes into making a viral marketing campaign successful or how to create a marketing plan that actually gets results. For small business owners, it is just important to get the word out. But, it is almost impossible if you continue t use antiquated advertising like viral mailers or solo emails. These products take up a lot of your advertising budget and more importantly your time. How will you ever reach enough people on a daily basis to get your voice heard or your product seen?

There are few top level marketers who actually reveal how much money they spend on advertising to get those big paychecks. but, when they give you advive it is sometimes ludricrous that they suggest you use mailers and safelist or spammming social media that requires a lot of money per month and fill your inbox with thousands of other struggling marketers who waste your time and your money.

However, there are some smart innovators who practice what they preach. If you need to advertise consistenly and effectively, we need to listen to what the real gurus are telling you. You need to invest in tools and advertising tht has consistency as well as effective ROI but you have to do it like the big boys and invest in effective and innovative solutions to get the word out to the masses.

Pay for view
Pay Per View Advertising

Pay per view advertising or PPV has recently become popular because of its ability to reach a wide audience. It attracts high quality traffic that can help boost your marketing efforts and ultimately increase conversion and sales. 

Pay-per-view (PPV) is a marketing model where you display your ads and get charged when your site or ad gets displayed to a viewer. There are tons of types you can use such as pop under, banner advertising, display advertising and “desktop pop-under” pay-per-view advertising. 

As a business, driving quality traffic to your site is one of the most basic tasks for you to undertake. And while it doesn’t do as well with local and specific offers, with more users, general offers, country- wide scope, and a great media agency, PPV advertising is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Finding the right agency is critical. That agency will take care of your ads and will be responsible for driving a huge portion of your traffic. So choose one that will only take two measly steps.

Benefits of PPV Ads

Through PPV Ads, you can reach an audience who may have high interests in your brand since your ads will only appear based on the keywords or domain that you are buying traffic from. This is a direct or targeted approach to get potential customers. Here are some of the benefits that your company can take advantage of with PPV advertising:

High Impact Traffic – You can target a specific group or niche of customers by bidding on the keywords and domains that they will most likely search for or visit. With the right match, you have higher chances of attracting them to your website.

Reduced expenses – It is one of the most affordable forms of pay-per-view advertising since per view can cost as low as 0.015 to 0.02 cents. Furthermore, you have better chances of closing sales with targeted leads.

Incentive Marketing

By increasing the exposure of your brand and delivering value to your audience, you have a stronger likelihood of getting the success you need in your viral marketing campaign. Awareness is required even if the content is great so that people can share and make it popular. You need to create something that pulls in the kind of attention that will spread.

There isn’t an exact formula to make your viral marketing campaign a success. In fact, going viral is one of the most difficult things for marketers. It isn’t possible to perfectly predict what can make or break a viral marketing campaign. However, the above tips should certainly be on your radar to improve engagement and increase your chances of becoming viral.