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One of the unique features of Nexus is that you can initially earn approximately $34 on free signups.
When your referrals join Nexus for free and they get and use the free apps, they will receive a $34 bonus, and so will you!

Rakuten $3000

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When your referrals join Nexus for free and they get and use the free apps, they will receive a $34 bonus, and so will you!

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Upside: Cash Back Gas & Food GetUpside is a cash-back app, which means you get Cash Back when you buy gas or eat at restaurants. You choose how you’d like your funds back—you can get a gift card, get the funds through PayPal, or even transfer them to your bank account.


SoFi’s referral program rewards you $75 (per account owner) when you refer someone who opens a SoFi bank account. You can also earn bonuses if you refer people to a SoFi investing account, credit card, personal loan, or student loan refinancing offer. Join Sofi and get your bonus here

STEP 1: For things to go smoothly and instantly when creating your new SoFi checking account:

Select Individual Account, and DO NOT select Transfer More… Make sure you select Transfer Instantly and use a bank debit card to deposit the $50 👍

STEP 2: Make sure the debit card you are using to make your $50 Deposit is linked to the same mailing address used to create your new SoFi checking account. They both have to match or there can be delays with setting up your account. Just FYI…

STEP 3:No CashApp or business debit cards can be used. USE A TRADITIONAL BANK DEBIT CARD when funding your new account. It takes 2–3 minutes.

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