Viral Campaigns Have 8 Motivational Triggers

These eight motivational triggers are those identified that trigger sharing.  There are more but these are the most important and the easiest ones to implement withing a viral marketing campaign 1. Status is the major reason that people participate with many programs.  Gaining or maintaining status is a major one. The terms “belonging,” “prestige,” “respect,” … Read more


Psychology Behind Going Viral

Viral marketing is a method of advertising that uses word-of-mouth or referral marketing to spread knowledge about a specific goods or services offered.  This message spreads across the Internet landscape at an exponential rate. (of an increase) becoming more and more rapid. When a piece of marketing material reaches the point where it is shared by more people and more people it is said to be “viral.”  Your information, video or article picture, or meme will appear in several social media feeds if you can succeed in doing that. Scientific & Psychological Evidence of Ways to Create Viral Campaigns Many experts claim that while … Read more


ArtificiaI Intelligence for Automated Content Generation

Automation is so important to the small business owner The goal is to automate as many tasks as possible to reach maximum growth and revenue . Every content creator needs some form of automated content generation whether it is an AI Writing Assistant or automated content generation software to speed the content generation process. However, … Read more


BEST AI Gifts for 2022 Great Last Minute Gifts

Toys and gadgets infused with Arificial intelligence are at the top of everyone’s gift list this year AI toys for everyone on your Christmas List. drones Getting into the Holdiay giving spirit is probably harder this year than any years we have celebrated. But searching and learning about the miracles of modern day technology is … Read more


Viral Marketing Techniques to Get More Sales

page dyno creates lightening fast lading and opt in pages

Create Awesome Looking, Attention Grabbing, Lead Capture Pages …  In Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse! As a marketer make sure you’re constantly adding fresh contacts to your email lists so you can continue generating new leads to your email account. In this article, we research high-quality strategies to help you grow your email … Read more


Viral Tip: How To Get Leads & Make Money

The Perfect Program to Get Leads & Cash MLM Recruit On Demand ( is a lead generation and training program that is designed for Network Marketers who want to grow their business. But MLMROD also has an affiliate option that pays direct payments of $15.00 – $100.00 direct instant payments. The program not only provides … Read more


Go Viral with Automated Social Media Software

Learn how to create, schedule & publish your content to Facebook Pages, Groups, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter Accounts all from one Platform & Go Viral in 60 Seconds What is Viral Dashboard? The First Of It’s Kind All-In-1 Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Tool that automates your social media engagement. Why Every Business Needs this Software … Read more


Viral Marketing Suite From AppSumo

Tools to Help Your Message Go Viral   AppSumo A Complete Suite of Tools for Viral Marketing More than 1.25 million company business owner and more depend on AppSumo for the resources they need to build and expand their businesses using the tools and resources that AppSumo provides. The starting software marketing tool kit is … Read more


How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Succeed

Ai Chatbots greet your visitos

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated every area of the human existence from the way we communicate with our loved ones to how we drive or don’t drive  cars. The use of AI in toys will create a new generation of technology savy citizens who will embrace it drive more innovations to take the technology to new … Read more