Viral Tools To Use

Viral Advertising

These are a collection of Tools to get your ads seen by thousands of people online

Automate Your Social Media Marketing

AppSumo Tools are the least expensive but most effective markting tools for small businesses to use to go Viral

Create A Viral Contest to Reach Your Target Audience

Grow your audience with viral giveaways that cut marketing costs

King Sumo Create Viral Contests or Giveaways

Shorty SMS

ShortySMS is a text message solution from the AppSumo team that makes it easier and more affordable to communicate with your audience and grow your brand.The simplest solution to send SMS to your audience. Grow, manage, measure, and track results with an all-in-one SMS platform.

Shorty SMS Text Message Solution

SMS Marketing

What is SMS marketing?

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a type of opt-in marketing where businesses send promotions to customers through text messages. Thus, SMS marketing is also called text message marketing or text marketing.

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing involves growing the business’s SMS subscriber list, sending promotional campaigns to subscribers, and analyzing how SMS campaigns performed to support business objectives, like leads or sales generated .

My crystal ball says that if you’re looking into SMS marketing, you already observed the power of a text message to reach and influence a target audience.

A well-timed text message can remind you of an important appointment, or get you excited about a discount you earned, or a sale happening at your favorite brand.

So no surprise that 54% of customers say that they are interested in receiving text messages from businesses.

What IS surprising is that only 11% of businesses are doing SMS marketing today.

That’s a customer communication gap that marketers can fix in 2022. 

And see their lead generation, customer acquisition and retention goals met as a result.

It’s easier than ever to launch a productive SMS channel with the marketing automation tools available today.


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