Viral Tip: How To Get Leads & Make Money


The Perfect Program to Get Leads & Cash

MLM Recruit On Demand ( is a lead generation and training program that is designed for Network Marketers who want to grow their business.

But MLMROD also has an affiliate option that pays direct payments of $15.00 – $100.00 direct instant payments.

The program not only provides “Leads for Life” but an impressive commission structure that is beneficial to online marketers in general.

Whether you are a Network Marketers, affiliate marketers or in Direct Sales you can derive huge benefits from joining and promoting this program.

Although the system is designed to help entrepreneurs in the multi-level marketing industry by providing them with a tried and tested system to get unlimited leads for their business what online marketer does not need this service?

MLMROD provides all the elements to help every type of online marketer find success by providing the two most important elements for a successful business online: Never ending access to leads and a generous compensation plan.

MLMROD Helps Build Your Email List

The truth is that if you don’t have a responsive email list, your business is dead in the water.  If you have been struggling to build a list and have nothing to show for it. The MLMROD’s program can jumpstart your list building with up to 300 leads that go directly into your autoresponder.

You can download this list and contact them in various ways.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Telephone

The Alternatives: To Get Leads & Earn Cash

Solo Ads? Using Udimi

Solo ads are a form of email-based advertisements one can buy from other email list owners.

They emails are sent with the purpose of promoting products (dedicated emails). This process is very popular among affiliates and information marketers.

Solo ads are considered the perfect way to grow an online business and make money from other people’s email lists.

A solo ad email campaign allows you to send to a niche email list that you do not own.

You rent the email list from someone else in your industry to send your targeted promotions to them and drive them back to your opt-in page.


However, a click is not a sale. One of the offers on Udimi was listed as One time Send for  $123.00 for 300 clicks.

If you get clicks and no sales, no opt-ins, your money is just gone and there is no way to retrieve your investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is step-step process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Many Affiliate Marketers list SEO as their go-to way to earn money.  While it is true that online income can be generated by learning SEO. The process and learning curve are the long-term solution to earning money online.

You first must possess the abilities and skills to start ranking your own websites to earn money or investigate other SEO-related business opportunities. The bottom line is email list building is a faster way to earn the money you need now.  SEO is your long-term objective.

SEO is not the quick route to internet riches, learning to make money with an SEO strategy is a fantastic approach to doing it but if earning money is a concern, an affiliate marketer must take a proactive approach.

In time, there is no cap on the amount of money you can earn when you construct, rank, and monetize websites using SEO techniques.

SEO is one of the least expensive ways to earn money because the traffic is free.

MLMROD Instant traffic and Instant commissions

For $125+15.00 from MLM ROD, you will receive 300 leads.  Yes, these leads are former Network Marketers. But you finally have a list of 300 individuals to contact, filter and engage with them to discover whether they are interested in the products. advice, or services that you offer.

There are 3 Levels for the MLMROD Program

P1 – MLMROD Basic

Pay a one-time fee of $15 to begin this MLM Recruit On Demand program. This is one of the Do-It-Yourself programs.

P1 gives you access to the entire MLMROD system and tools, allowing you to start generating business leads right away

You will be guided through a simple 1-hour daily activity that will bring you at least 3-5 new prospects – guaranteed.

The P1 program also includes an email autoresponder.

If the email or telephone number is not valid, or even if they are, you are able to receive replacement leads, each time you contact the lead you receive a replacement. MLMROD provides “Leads4Life”


  • A minimum of 100 MLM leads per month.
  • Tools to generate an unlimited supply of leads for life.
  • Complete access to proven marketing scripts.
  • A web-based contact manager was created with prospecting specifically in mind.
  • Your very own personal autoresponder
  • A set of follow-up messages that have been prepared for you.
  • Full access to MLMROD’s library of training resources
  • A resource section where you can find low-cost or no-cost tools to help you grow your network marketing business.
  • All DFY MLMROD marketing services come with a special discount for you.
  • MLMROD’s affiliate program gives lifetime access to earn money by promoting their training, programs, and services.

If you are a P1 subscriber, you will never be asked to pay another fee to use any of MLMROD’s tools or to access their video training programs.


This is a simple one-time upgrade for people who have paid the $15 fee to join the P1 program and want to get more.

To Upgrade to the P2 system, you must pay an additional one-time fee of $125.

By enrolling in the P2 program, you will be able to do the following:

  • Double the number of prospects you have.
  • Increase the number of leads that your email autoresponder receives
  • You’ll get at least 200 leads per month with this guarantee!

From an affiliate marketers’ point of view, these leads are targeted to individuals interested only in Network Marketing. 

The individuals on the list are also human beings who need software to grow their business, they purchase nutritional products and weight loss products. 

They are individuals who are looking for ways to earn money.

MLM ROD offers an quicker alternative to earning money and building an email list simultaneously.  It is the ultimate shortcut to building a responsive email list so you can finally start earning income.

The MLM Recruit On Demand Affiliate Program

Earn $15.00 – $100.00 Per Referral

In addition to leads, tools, and resources you can access by becoming a member of MLMROD you can also earn a referral commission from their Affiliate Program.

You can use this to earn commissions as a lifetime member.

For every P1 referral you earn you a $15.00 100% referral commission.

When someone you refer upgrades to the P2 program, you’ll receive a $100 commission!

These commissions are paid direct to you at the time of each purchase.

Since your email list is your greatest marketing asset, it is important to make that you first tasks to ensure the success of your business.

The proven high ROI and reliability of email marketing is hard to argue with…

One-time Buyer Becomes Repeat Customers.

Many marketers believe in the power of email marketing can turn a onetime customer into a customer for life.   Customer retention is one of the benefits of an email marketing nurturing campaign.

Email marketing gives you the power to continuing your engagement by contacting your leads with important information, discounts, and upgrades even after they’ve made a purchase or signed up for your newsletter.

Sending interesting and informative marketing emails to your list is a great way to do this.


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