Referral Marketing Using Incentives

Viral Marketing Strategies

Referral marketing using incentives is the best strategy to get more engaged leads into your business.

Creative Marketing Incentives include travel, Hotel and eletronics that you can give away to your prospects.

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What is Incentive Marketing?

Incentive marketing is the offer of gifts, rewards, premiums, vacation vouchers and more to motivate a customer to buy from you. 

Giving an incentive is a tactic that many big companies use to motivate customers to take the next step in their buying journey.

Incentives induce customers to join your email list, refer other customers to your product or buy your product.

Giving a complimentary high value incentive as a bonus gift with the purchase of your product and service is a far more efficient way to conduct marketing.

Referral Marketing

A customer referral program is a word-of-mouth marketing tactic. A referral program compensates prospects for sharing your product to friends and family,

Referral marketing using viral software and high value incentives is a great way to increase visibility, reach new customers, and boost sales.

More of your customers will become brand advocates when you enroll them in a referral program. People like to get rewards.

This is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses. Referral marketing relies on word of mouth and social media sharing to spread the word about your incredible “deal”

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Using high-value incentives is a cost effective way for companies to gain organic exposure. It is a lot less expensive than advertising on Google or Facebook.

Additionally, referral marketing encourages current customers to continue to patronize your business. You can keep them as clients. Sending out updated news about your campaign keeps your customers engaged.

Combining referral marketing with viral software and incentives creates a very effective marketing strategy. Your long term strategy will boost leads, referrals, and sales simultaneously.

Viral Software

Viral software is software that is designed to spread quickly among users in online network.  These campaigns are shared by those within their network. Some of the participants become brand ambassadors and reach out to their friends on other social media platforms

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Viral campaigns encourage participants to share and invite others. This increases the chances that the participants iwill purchase a product.

These strategies help to spread your message to larger and larger audiences quickly and efficiently. Further, it ensures that customers are sharing positive reviews of the business, which encourages even more people to take notice.

Incentive Marketing

Incentives are also key to referral marketing success.  It is important to match the incentives to the product or service that you offer. You must also assure it is relevant to your audience. The type of incentives or lead magnets are key to referral marketing success.

Offering incentives to those who refer customers to your business encourages those customers to make referrals more often.

Incentives can be offered in a variety of forms, such as discounts, free products or services, or points redeemable for prizes.

For example, businesses could offer existing customers a coupon for a discount or free product when they refer a new customer to the business.

This is an effective way to get current customers to actively promote a business through word-of-mouth. Experts in viral marketing consider word-of-mouth, the most effective marketing strategy of all.

These incentives could be anything from a reward for a certain number of referrals or one-time rewards for each successful referral.

To maximize the success of referral marketing with viral software and incentives, businesses should focus on the quality of their incentive.

Giving an incentive for purchasing an excellent products or services encourage customers to want to share their experiences with others. This process will lead to the increase of successful referrals.

 Additionally, businesses should ensure that they have a clear understanding of the target audience they’re trying to reach. This will help insure that the right type of incentive is being offered to attract the right audience.


In conclusion, referral marketing success can be achieved through the use of viral software and incentives.

Viral software is an effective way to quickly spread awareness of a business to potential customers while incentives can encourage more referrals

More people entering a highly optimized referral funnel will result in significant growth in both participation and revenue. The platforms that we use makes it simple to offer your customers the chance to recommend others to your business. See our newest referral contest using King Sumo with Incentives by Creative Marketing.


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