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Viral Marketing with a Press Release

Viral Marketing with a Press Release

The mission of is to find the most cost-effective ways for small businesses to increase their leads and sales. We research, assess, and troubleshoot software, safelist marketing and other mediums to find ways to increase exposure for the solopreneur to turn their passions into rivers of revenue.

We want you to succeed without having to resort to paying gurus thousands of dollars to reach the same results today that you experienced before you handed over your money and your most asset, your time.

Time is money. – Benjamin Franklin.

The most famous quote about time is by Benjamin Franklin, highly productive individuals. At 84 years, he known as a prominent politician and diplomat, an actor, musician, inventor, and satirist.

As for his famous saying, it refers to the concept of the cost of a missed opportunity. This means, each choice you make has its cost, and delays (as a choice to not act) usually lead to decrease in output.

Finding Ways to Get Your Product & Business to go Viral

When we say that a product “goes viral,” what we really mean is that it spreads quickly and extensively online. Like how memes, YouTube videos, and other social media posts go viral, the process involves a significant increase in exposure over a brief time period.  

Honestly, submitting a Press Release was not one of the viral concepts that we considered. It seemed old school. Our first choices for going viral was of course Social Media marketing, and YouTube Videos. But time and expense made those two options less attractive. As we searched for ways to create those videos and find ways to automatically post our ads to Social media, we saw an ad for a Press Release.

As online a marketer or business owner the most important part of the marketing journey is to get your goods/services in front of as many potential customers as possible. Viral Ads or content is what you are trying to create

A Press Release ticks All the Boxes for quick exposure to millions of people. The icing on the cake is that a Press Release remains online for an extended period. We are building other viral assets that include the following:

Automated Traffic
Traffic Sources the Create a viral outcome

Viral Advertising Solutions

  • Social Media Automation
  • Creating a referral marketing campaign
  • SEO
  • Google, Bing Ads
  • UGC usage

User-generated content is referred to as UGC. User-generated content is defined as any type of content—text, postings, photographs, videos, reviews, and other type of content that is produced by unique individuals (as opposed to corporations)

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More Important is the Distribution Information

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