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To make money on the Internet you need real people looking at your offer. the real trajecy of the online market place iis that broke marketers stay broke because they believe the lies.

Statistic prove that 95% of Internet Marketers do not makeenough mony from thier offers to cover the costs of advertising. that is why Viral Cash Masters is out to change that. The first thing we have to do is get somemoney into the marketer’s pocket so they can afford to pay for advertising.

Instant Cash System requires real traffic not clicks that we provide.

  • We provide the Marketing System Automatic Builder
  • We Provide a Lead Generation System like no other
  • We Provide a Product that makes you money while saving you money
  • We have an Ad Revenue Module So that individuals who join ys for the Trifecta Marketing Systems Know
  • where to go to get REAL TRAFFIC.

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iF YOU ARE tired of spending big money on Pay Per Click Advertising and getting nowhere? Matt spent over $200,000 on Google Adwords campaigns!

Now I have found a better and less expensive source of traffic. How would you like to get real targeted traffic to your website for 1/100th the cost of Google Adwords?

What’s Better? Pay $1000. and get 1000 clicks? Pay $1000. and get 100,000 views of your site?

All Clicks and not one Sale and the copywriting and the offer was outstanding, but when indiviauls are incentivized to Click on your website they win, the owner of the service winsl. But poor struggling marketer, you lose.

So real traffic at a great price is what you want to look for.

This is a no brainer. Give me the 100,000 views for the same money as long as the quality is the same.


Before Spending Thousands of Dollars on Expensive Google/Facebook Campaigns Test Your Ads Out With Less Expensive PPV

I have been researching alternatives to the big boys and after spending thousands of my own dollars I have found a network which delivers real advertising that delivers.

Real Visitors for a Fraction of the Cost of Google Adwords or Bing!

We Send Visitors Directly to Your Website!

If your website has no traffic it is looked on as a less important site in the search engines. Sometimes traffic campaigns can kick start your site’s popularity and show Google that there are visitors coming to your website thus helping to get your site ranked above your competitors for your keywords.

We can’t promise that this traffic will be the same quality as keyword targeted traffic you might purchase for as much as $200. per click in some niches like for personal injury attorneys!

However, the keyword targeted traffic alone can help your main website and other online web pages get found in Google searches. This is turn can help you get even higher quality leads when visitors actually find your website at the top of Google for your locally targeted keywords.


Yes, if you pay $10-$100. per click with Google or Facebook and the traffic will be of higher quality than run of network ppv. However, you really are paying for it and there are no guarantees this traffic will convert. Run of network ppv traffic gives you more views to your actual website, more chances to increase your search engine rankings and less risk.

Our traffic is actually known as Run of Network Pay Per View Traffic (PPV) not pay per click traffic. With pay per click traffic people see your small ad on a website on or the side of a search result like this one.

Pay Per View Traffic Displays Your Website To The Visitor

With pay per view traffic your actual website is displayed to the viewer is searching online. In a way pay per view is more direct because people do not have to click a link to get to your website. They immediately view your website.

I have sold run of network pop under traffic for years. When I first started I did get some sales. I could usually break even on campaigns and get subscribers to my newsletters which was great.

Eventually the quality of this type of traffic really declined. This is why I have been on my search for a better source.

I have found a real traffic source after several years and tens of thousands of dollars of research.

I have starting traffic packages for as little as $39.97 so you can test the source yourself. We even set you up with your own tracking url so you can track the traffic as it comes in.

Once you order you will be redirected to a form where you can give us the details regarding your traffic campaign. You will be able to give you your website details. If you are not redirected please contact us here

All campaigns are set up and approved manually. It can take up to 72 hours for your campaigns to be live. It will take about 30 days to receive all of the traffic. I hope you find this new source of traffic very profitable and they we can keep doing business for many years in the future. To order see below

This Service is For

This is for you!

  • You have your own website with your own domain name that you own.  
  • You are looking at long term success rather than a flash in the pan success.
  • You are looking for consistent keyword targeted and general organic traffic boosting your site’s ranking month after month.
  • You want to increase your search engine rankings gradually every month over time.
  • You want set and forget traffic each month. You order the traffic and we just deliver each month like clockwork without you having to even contact us again unless you want to.
  • You want to save thousands of dollars on your advertising costs!

This might not be for you.

  • If you expect to sign up and immediately get 100’s of sales and sign ups. We wish we could guarantee this but we probably would charge a lot more if we could! We do not guarantee sales and sign ups with this program but we will do our best to get your website out to as many people as possible.
  • If you are promoting anything illegal or immoral.
  • If you want to lose thousands of dollars on expensive pay per click advertising programs.


Pay per view traffic along with our bonuses offer great value to those who own their own websites and are looking for consistent set and forget long term success. Please choose one of our packages below. Campaigns will be set up within 48 hours or less. You will be re-directed to a form where you can give us your basic ad details after ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I track traffic?
  • What countries does your traffic come from?
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
  • Do you guarantee sales and sign ups?

3,000 USA Targeted Views Each Month Of Your Website $39.97 Per Month

5,000 USA Targeted Views Of Your Website Each Month $59.97 Per Month

10,000 USA Targeted Views Of Your Website Each Month $99.97 Per Month