How to Use the Power of Viral Referral Marketing To Build a Massive Email List Fast

Automated Marketing Software Make Money - Go Viral

Referral Contest Marketing Goes Viral

Launching an online giveaway or contests are effective methods for growing brands fast, increasing your followers, email subscribers, and gathering new leads. Giveaways have a conversion rate of almost 34%, which is higher than other types of content

We surveyed the claims by several viral software vendors and were absolutely amazed by the stated results that brands received using viral marketing software.

Choosing Viral Marketing Software

There are several vendors offering viral marketing software. We researched the top 4 and made a decsion on which one was the most effective at a cost that was reasonable for our target audience.

Vyper posted this Case Study: Referral Contest – 57,873 new emails, 7,035 app downloads, 27,920 social followers & shares.

Using referral marketing to expand your audience, following or email list is a great way to keep acquisition costs for generating new leads very low. Referral contest has c compounding effect. Testbook generated 28,944 referred leads for no costs. Costs: from $149.00/mo. – $299.00 mo (agency(

UpViral Reported these results: Real world example #2 (114,485 leads in 30 days) Matthew Longley ran 3 viral contests at the same time, and got more than 100,000 emails subscribers within his first 30 days. Costs: $79.00/month first level

King Sumo

KingSumo viral software
 viral giveaway platform that helps you get more leads, stress-free.

KingSumo “a guest post from Sam, the founder of Money Nest reported that he tripled his email list to 1,000 in 7 days

Noah Kagan, creator of KingSumo reported that his list grew to over 59,000 email subscribers and he reports that launching giveaways was the way he build his million dollar empire. Costs: $49.00/lifetime

Viral List Building

If you want more customers, then email is ranked as the best marketing channel for long term success.

To grow my business, I not only wanted to get more email subscribers quickly. I needed more email subscribers in order to grow my business exponetially.

I searched for tools online to grow an email list… and I found KingSumo to run viral giveaways

I wanted a viable business and realized early in my career that it is imperative that you constantly grow your email list. Every business needs fresh, engaged leads that are eager to purchase your product and services. These subscribers know that they can trust your offers because they have grown to know you.

I tried safelist marketing, click thru marketing, traffic exchange products and more, you may be familiar with the huge costs and time associated with trying to market with these outdated tools.

This way of marketing to build your email list is not only slow and tedious but for the most part ineffective. I do use LeadsLeap as one way to build my list and get exposure for my website. The downside is that I am inundated with the build a list programs offered, knowing that they are ineffective.

You know…the good ol’ squeeze page and opt-in bribe.
Everyone has seen it before. It’s just not as effective as it used to be.

VIral Email Marketing with Referral Marketing for you and me
(without breaking the bank)

To run our viral marketing campaign we chose KingSumo. The choice was obvious to me after comparing the software and the prices. KingSumo and particulary the APPSumo Plus offering provided everything I needed to get my viral contest up and running ata great costs. The Appsumo Plus bundle includes:

KingSumo was the most cost effective viral referral systen that allow anyone to run a viral referral campaign in just a few clicke.


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