Nexus Rewards Uses Rakuten’s Referral Program to Build a Massive Network of Ambassadors


Rakuten is the Queen of Referral Marketing. Rakuten Gives Away Money!

Rakuten gives its members $30.00 real cash when they shop and spend $30.00. Rakuten is one of the “free app’s’ within the Nexus Rewards referral program. The intention of the Nexus Rewards referral opportunity is to help its member save and make money.

Rakuten receives a commission from stores when you make a purchase, and instead of keeping it, Rakuten shares it with you.

Find the store on, click “Shop Now” and shop like normal on the store site. After you make an eligible purchase, you’ll earn $30.00 Cash Back and get a check or PayPal payment every quarter.

Now the real hook is that there is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make. Nexus Rewards exploits this lucrative program by enticing its members with this offer:

  • Enroll 10 Free Members, put $340 in your pocket 
  • Enroll 100, and put $3400 in your Bank Account

You’ll also see how you make $1000’s without recruiting anyone or selling anything!

Join Rakuten Get $30.0 over & Over agin
Make Money with Rakuten Thru Nexus Rewards

The Big Delivery Comes when they go to the Nexus Website using the Rakuten Link, the savy and money saving individual discovers that Rakuten has several apps that help them save money. The list includes savings on:

Now what happens when a savvy cost conscious individuals is exposed to the huge savings that Nexus offers in conjunction with Rakuten, Upside(for savings on Gas) and Fetch

These smart individuals realize that Nexus might be one of the only opportunities ever created that gives you more money back in your pocket every month than you are spending on the low cost membership of only $21.95 per month.

Now, lets talk numbers. You can go from 0 – $19,455.00 a month just sharing this amazing opportunity with friends and family.

You don’t have to “sell” Nexus, you can just provide good financial information to your friends, family and co-workers about an opportunity to save money on everything you buy?

Listen to how Bobby Cannata – YouTube explains the compensation plan…

Go From 0 – $19,455.00 per month

Dave Ramsey on his blog recommends Nexus as one of his cost savings measures.

2. Rakuten

The best thing about Rakuten is the opportunity to earn cash back. You can get up to 10% in cash back while shopping at stores you normally shop at (as long as you use Rakuten’s website link for shopping online). They’ll let you cash out your rewards every three months and either send them to your PayPal account or—if you want to go old school—will cut you a paper check.1 So far, Rakuten has paid over $2 billion in cash back to their members.2

To make our offer irrestible, we are offering new members a fabulous vacation take a look. This is a month long push to acquire new members and get as many people as possible on the road to economic recovery.

The Ultimate Referral Incentive Opportunity for People Who are Smart Enough to Recognize a Great Opportunity – Join Nexus Now.

So, join me so we can travel the world together. If you would like to offer fabulous vacations to your referrals, this program is available to marketers through Marketing Boost at a very reasonable price.

Join Nexus Rewards Here.

Join Nexus Rewards
Nexus Rewards is the Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Membership Club designed to help people make money ​on all of the things they are already purchasing.

Art Phelps did a wonderful Brief Training on Saturday February 18th where he describes exactly WHY Nexus is unlike any other Business in the World.  Included are some Great Tips to Grow Your Nexus Business.  Click Here to see it.    

2.  Kim Ward did a Fantastic Overview of the Nexus Rewards Benefits and Opportunity. 

Click Here to see it and share it with your best and brightest prospects.


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