How to Save & Make More Money in 2022

 Saving money is really the same as making money.  

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Practical Ways to Save Money

1. Get Rid of Debt. Debt is a silent killer of your income. High interest rates and costs of goods purchased over time increases your debt to income ratio. Use smart money moves to decrease debt and live debt free. Paying off debtfrom lowest to highest is a technique that Dave Ramsey calls the Snowball Effect. while he suggest using a program to facilitate this process, you can create your own spreadsheet and number your debts from highest to lowest and use extra fund, income tax refunds, stimulus checks, bonuses and eliminate those pesky bills.

Save Money on Groceries
Cashback is the smartwayto shop

2. Cut down on your grocery budget.

The average American family of four spends around $928 per month on groceries.

Save money on groceries.  Coupon shoppers often plan their meals around which product has a coupon available. This is smart planning. but searching newspapers and clipping coupons is old school and fills your house with tons of torn paper and shreds. You need a separate file to store those coupons and hope you don;t misplace them before your next shopping trip . Keep all your store savings in one place using free apps on your phone that pay you money back on everything you purchase.

Save money and time? use these cashback apps with online grocery pickup or delivery (Get money back when you use Instacart, or Doordash). Some major grocery stores offer free delivery of your groceries when you spend a minimal amount. But even if they don’t use your Free apps and get your groceries delivered to rid yourself of the temptation to puchase those instore promotions of the just baked donnuts whose aroma permeates the store. or those bacon wrapped whatever that you cannot resist.

3. Get rid of those automatic subscriptions and memberships these subscription payments are small that you probably don’t notice that you are still paying for Netflix and Hulu or your gym membership that you don’t use any more. Check your automatic payments and delete the ones you really don’t use..

4. Dave Ramsey suggest on his Blog blog 22 Ways to Save that we should buy generic.:

Far be it from me to challenge the experts, but there are some cleaning products that I use that must be Name Brands – They just work better. I found and alternative. Get Discounts on Major Brands.

5. Save money automatically.

Once you start getting those cash back payment. Set up your bank account to automatically transfer those funds into a savings account. When you notice the increase in your cashback you can set up your direct deposit to automatically transfer a percentage of your paycheck into your savings account. Boom!

6. Save Money and Make Money When Your Fill Up at the Pump

Get Cash Back at the Pump

7. Check your insurance rates.

People are saving an average of $500 when they have their insurance compared using the benefit Hub. In fact the averge savings from most families is around $5,000 per year.  You owe it to yourself to at least have them look things over for you and see what savings they can dig up.

8. Pack lunch (and eat at home) or find a lunch at one of thousands of restaurants that give you an immediate cashback. The average household spends about $3,526 on food outside of the home each year.3

9. Take advantage of your retirement savings plan.

The 401(k) match savings plan is a great way to prepare for not only your retirement for for the large purchases in your life. My duaghters use their 401K Savings for the downpayment on their house and can tap into it for emergencies. Before you can invest over $2,000 extra a month wait until you are debt-free (except your mortgage) and have your income increasing and an emergency fund of three to six months.

10. Join the one program online that promises:

Never Pay Retail

Never Pay Retail Again

Before you shell out the cash to pay for anything in your home, groceries, new shoes or anew light bulb. Check the apps that you get with the Nexus Rewards Program, chances are the retailer, is listed and gives you cash back on what you want to purchase. Do a simple Search of the 3500 retail Stores available in the Free Apps You will save you a ton of money on any purchase.

Get Cashback

11. Try a Workcation.

(Per Dave Ramsy “When your goal is to save money now, Taking a vacation is the one of the worst thing you could spend your money on: However, if you have a business, whisking your family off to the beach, or traveling to that exotic location, hand out some business cards. Talk to other tourist about how they can save money on vacations and anything they purchase and write the whole thing off as a business expense. Or, Join Nexus Rewards and receive a Vacation Certificate to your choice of 30 locations.

12. Use cash back apps and coupons.

Nothing Beats Getting Cash Back on Everything You Purchase

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned cashback when you’re buying something. Many people either ignore or are not aware of the  cash back apps  to help your savings go even further? Our favorite is Rakuten that pays real money to you and your friend for spending money. Get the whole Story on Saving & Making Some Cold Hard Cash

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We modified the list from Dave Ramsey’s 22 ways to Save Money and created our own list with the real person in mind who doesn’t mind saving but is less apt to give up every creature comfort for years to save a little money.

We searched the internet to find ways to to keep the basic necessities that keep us warm at night and somewhat satisfied during the days of struggling with and finding viable ways to move toward our goal of becoming financially free.

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