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How to Go Viral on Social Media

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We all know that Social media is one of the best ways to promote your brand, engage with your audience, build a following, and grow your business by engaging your audience in your Social Media Posts and feeds. It is important to find a reliable and effective Social Media Posting Software that provides the following tools

Using a single user interface, social media management software enables users to submit material in advance to numerous social network accounts. Depending on the software provider and package, other capabilities including analytics tools, brand awareness campaign tools, and communication tools are also available.

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Social Media Marketing Has Exploded

Social Media Marketing has exploded over the last few years. Currently, more than half of the world (59%) population uses social media. Consumers are tech-savvy, networked, and connected. One of the best tools that online marketers can use to explode their social media presence online is Viral

This shift to digital communication has also changed the way that top brands interact with their customers. One of the most compelling reasons that businesses want to “go viral” is to build their email list to enough customers to sustain their business

Social Media Population
The Number of people on social Media has exploded


Go Viral

Using ViralDashBoard Evolution, the user can create, schedule & publish content to Facebook Pages,Facebook groupsInstagramGoogle My BusinessPinterestLinkedIn & Twitter Accounts

To go viral using social media, you should use as many social networking sites that you have access to or join as many sites as feasible.  You should share your videos as well as your content across as many advertising channels as you can.  You also must be consistent.  Daily posting is recommended but many marketing experts post to social media several times per day.

Why Content Goes Viral

The psychological triggers that make content go viral are discussed in this article “Viral Marketing Campaigns” . Even when you infuse the content with all 8 triggers, the real test is to create content that is relevant to your audience.  The content on different platforms may appeal to some people while not others.  There are statistics that prove that different content goes viral on different platforms because of the specific audience.

Humor may be fun and engage many participants on Facebook, while individuals on LinkedIn may be interested in Google trends and business news.

Whoever your intended audience make sure it’s simple to share your material. You can use our viral marketing software to share your content on 21 Social Media Platforms all from one dashboard.

Use Keywords With Your Social Media Content

Use Keywords When Creating Your Social Media Content is an essential element but is often ignored.  

It is particularly important to use relevant keywords in your social media content wherever possible. If you can get your material to appear in the search results, you’ll have a greater opportunity of reaching the intended audience. People type in keywords and phrases when they are looking for something.  Make sure to include as many keywords as you can in the title, summary, and body of the text You want your content or video to be relatable and shareable across all social media platforms.  If you create a video, don’t sound scripted, but speak sincerely about your interests and struggles.

Launch a Fun Contest or Giveaway 

example Giveaway Click Here 

Contests and giveaways are an effective tool for many social media campaigns to engage their current audience and draw in new followers.

People love to win. They are also extremely competitive.  Find something of value to offer contestants or entrants into your contest.  Contests are wonderful for getting the word out about anything.

You can use your product or discounted service as a bribe to get people to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, and even persuade them to purchase your product.  They can tweet about it or post about the contest on Social Media to attract additional participants.


The biggest problem that marketers encounter with using Social Media Marketing as part of their marketing campaigns is the time it takes to post enough message across all platforms.  Having to go from one Social Media platform to another.

We have found the perfect solution for this problem.  Save time, save money, or even start your own Social Media Marketing Agency using ViralDashboard Evolution

Using Viral Dashboard Evolution, member can automate content to be posted from blogs, video platform, eCom stores straight to their social media platforms.

You NEED Content and Social Media Automation..AND You NEED It EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

21 Social Media Platforms From 1 DashBoard Automation Platform to DISCOVER, CREATE, STRATEGIZE & PUBLISH your content.


Viral Dashboard Evolution
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