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I am so tired of clicking on those programs who tell you how much you can make in a month, a week or a day. Then they tell you to GET TRAFFIC to their offer. Well DUH! If I had enough traffic to make money, I would already be rich.

I have been researching on line, looking at programs, attnding online webinars that drone on and on teaching me suppsedly how I can make money online. Of course there is always a caveat. You must purchase their $500- $2,000 program to find the secret.

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Tim Sales – Network Marketing Power

Tim Sales – Network Marketing Power15.2K SUBSCRIBEIn order for you to make money, you have to serve the person who is handing over their money and saying, “I think my life is going to be made better because of this product or because of this business.” You’ve gotta serve somebody

To make a million dollars, learn the sales pipeline. “Quantity of leads across the the Pipeline” is how wealth is made in just about any business. Okay This is the Key. and we are here to give you the Qualified Leads You and Your Team need to get first to the $100,000/year mark and then hit it up to a million Dollars per year or more.

Each of these prospects answers a short survey, then, we actually SPEAK with them over the phone and confirm their interest in a Home Based Business, and then we ask them the best time for someone to call them back… ALL before we pass them along to you as a lead.You only need to find 4 qualified leads per day to reach 100K per year. Watch this video to learn more

The Most Controversial Influencers Sean Whalen Spills & His Network Marketing Secrets!!

Rob Sperry the only form of business we’ve found that offers a level playing field. In other words, anyone can become successful in the network marketing industry. And the best part is that others have already blazed the trail to success, so you just have to look at what they’ve done and followed suit.

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What you Need to Know that every Network Marketing Guru Suggest:

  • Get Your mindset right (Millionaire Mindset)
  • Develop the basic skills like communication, talking to people, closing the deal
  • You must have a systems to have lasting success in network marketing.
  • Some of the gurus promised to teach you social media strategies.
  • Some promise to teach you specific recruiting techniques
  • Some promise to show you duplication methods to help take your network marketing business grow


The “7K” System is designed to help SavingsHighwayGlobal Representatives to earn up to $7,000 in monthly residual income in as little as 7 weeks when followed perfectly.

When you follow the system, refer 3 people and help them save money, and they do the same through 7 levels, your income will be approximately $7,000 per month.

Even if it took you an entire month to help 3, and it took a month for them to help 3, and so on… you could be earning up to $7,000 monthly in 7 months, which is pretty amazing for a $100 or $20 Membership.

Note: There are many ways to help your referrals save money. Car and Home Insurance are two of the fastest ones. You can use any of the benefits to help them save within the $7K System.

Your “7K” System shows a real possibility for you when you:

Step 1.  Refer 3 new members your first week and help them save money.

Step 2. Help them refer 3 new members the next week and help them save money.

Step 3. As this duplicates through 7 levels, your income can be up to $7,000+ monthly.

Great news. This is income based on only 7 levels, however as a manager with 3 personally referred active members, you can earn up to 10 levels, which provides exponentially more potential monthly income.

Making sure you succeed! Go the extra mile and help your team do the right activities.

Simple 3 step system…
a) Join
b) Save Money
c) Help 3 people join and save money their first week to repeat the process.

There are several great ways they can save money their first week. Make sure you help them find the ones that work best for them, and help them introduce 3 new members each their first week.

Want the easy script and Success System?  Download it for free here.

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or income.

This company has amazing opportunities for saving money, making extra cash, and getting out of debt!

  • Save .20-.40 on Gas. Get Your Gas Card and Start Savings
  • Save on your auto insurance
  • Save when you need a new Car
  • Save on electronics
  • Discount Vacation
  • Discount on Cruises…and more