Viral Marketing

Without Adwords or Facebook Campaign

What is a Viral Marketing Campaign?

The Intent of a Viral Marketing Campaign is to spread the word about your brand to a wide audience. The quickest way online to accomplish this is to create content that resonates with your intended audience. Viral marketing is a technique that marketers use to quickly spread their message.

Just like a biological virus, a viral marketing campaign spreads from one person to another, resulting in a large number of views, substantial amount of social shares and remarkable brand awareness.

A viral marketing campaign should be able to tap into the emotions of the users, especially positive ones like joy and awe. But how do you do that? It is important to elicit a positive response, but sometimes you just want to tug at the heart of your readers. That is why cute animals, dogs and cats ae frequently used in advertising. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand dollars or in the case of the Grumpy Cat, could be worth millions.

Create an emotion

The fact is, very few people know what goes into making a successful viral marketing campaign or how to create a consistent marketing plan that gets results. For small business owners, it is just important to get the word out. But, it is almost impossible if you continue to use antiquated advertising like viral mailers or solo emails. These products take up a lot of your advertising budget and more importantly your time. How will you ever reach enough people on a daily basis to get your voice heard or your product seen?

Types of viral marketing

There is no generally accepted classification of viral marketing types, but several approaches can be distinguished.

  1. Word of mouth. People give endosement and praise the product among the target audience. 
  2. Gossip and scandals.  Fake news sex tape release
  3. Influencer or opinion leader. Gives the product or service a thumbs up
  4. Incentive Marketing The brand offers a gift or a discount because the user will repost a message or news.
  5. Humor. Campaigns are especially effective in which a brand can look at itself with irony. This fundamentally distinguishes viral marketing from standard advertising, where the business is extremely serious about its benefits. This approach works well in areas that are not at all associated with jokes.

Advertising is Expensive

The problem is that advertising is expensive. Getting the word out is so expensive that it must be part of a budget You must plan on the costs of advertising you business on a daily basis. Small businesses are caught in a Catch 22, If you don’t have traffic you make no money. If you ddo not have money you can not advertise effectively.

An alternative is pay-per-view advertising.

How do million-dollar marketers advertise?

Big name gurus who sell all those faulty software products that claim you can reach millions with their 1-click software are lying to you. However, these samemarketers are earning money from your hard earned cash. There are few top level marketers who actually reveal how much money they spend on advertising to get those big paychecks. These software vendors offer advice on buig into their no frills lead generation programs that leave you broke. These marketers use the high cost Google Ads and Facebook ads to advertise for affiliates so they have hundreds of people selling their fake software.

If you are encouraged to use safelist, etc. consider yourself had. These safelists are a waste of time and money. Using highpriced safelist and clicking on emails to get a click is ludricrous. Ignore this advice and get coverage with programs that will advertise for you. You cannot be everywhere you need to be t tell the world about your product.

However, there are some smart innovators who practice what they preach. If you need to advertise consistenly and effectively, we need to listen to what the real gurus are telling you. You need to invest in tools and advertising tht has consistency as well as effective ROI but you have to do it like the big boys and invest in effective and innovative solutions to get the word out to the masses.