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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Succeed

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Artificial intelligence has infiltrated every area of the human existence from the way we communicate with our loved ones to how we drive or don’t drive  cars. The use of AI in toys will create a new generation of technology savy citizens who will embrace it drive more innovations to take the technology to new levels of innovation.  

General Uses for Artificial Intelligence

Driverless cars
Driverless Vehicles

Transportation: Tesla is creating the Driverless Car. Tesla founder and tech titan Elon Musk was an early investor in the technology. The Driverless Car is Coming to a Street Near You.

HealthCare Virtual nursing assistants keep an eye on patients, diseases are diagnosed more quickly and accurately, drug discovery is accelerated and simplified, and big data analysis contributes to a more individualized patient experience Providers are using this technology to detect cancer.

AI in ducation
Virtual tutors and digitized texbooks are in the future for education

Education: Artificial intelligence (AI)can digitize textbooks, create virtual tutors to support human instructors.

AI in Manufacturing
Robots work alongside humans
Manufacturing – AI-powered robots collaborate with humans, and use predictive analysis sensors tokeep equipment in good working order. Customer Service: Business can create an AI Virtual assistant Chatbot to automated emails and videos with human-like speech to set up appointments, explain the benefit and use of products, respond to customer questions at the point of sale and more.

Marketing Automation using Artificial intelligence

Marketing Automation
AI is The Future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence technology can have a direct impact on the entire marketing processes from lead acquisition, nurturing scoring and segmenting your customers.  This technology can drive a full-scale personalized sales experience for each customer from the initial contact all the way to the end of the sales cycle.

Artificial Intelligence is the “brains” behind the most innovative emerging technologies like big data, robotics and Internet of Things.

In many cases the user of this technolgoy is unaware or does not care that AI forms the backbone of many of the comforts in life they enjoy.

There are AI Systems that exist that  complete certain tasks that at one time were considered impossible:  For small online business, AI can increase the level of customer service to meet or exceed that of The Fortune 500 companies.

Personalization: Improve customer engagement and conversions by creating a personalized experience for each customer.  Personalizing interactions with customers is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. Every point of contact with the customers is an opportunity to win the customer’s loyalty.

Marketng Automationd
Using chatbots for customer service is becoming standard for online businesses

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Start the conversation by automated your first interaction with the customer using a chatbot or a virtual assistant on your website.  These intuitive programs can be programmed to greet your customers, answer questions solve common problems andnurture the customer’s journey

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are becoming a necessity for online businesses to compete in their niche.  Using Artificial Intelligence based software to automate interactions with customers can boost productivity and aid in customer satisfaction. 

 Dialogues with customized and personalized customers information makes for a more personal experience when you can directly address their issues.

Marketers can create human-like conversation to their business applications.  The most innovative use of the chatbots that combine AI is the ability to combine different technologies like technologies.

An early product using this technology specifically for the online marketer is Video Pal

Customer Acquistion Using AI Lead Generation – SalesFlow by Nowsite 

In the aggressive marketing and customer acquisition environment, consumers expect quick and accurate actions to address their concerns. Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning for Lead Generation is THE NEXT BIG THING. SalesFlow by Nowsite has expanded its CRM functionality to solve the most critical pain points within the sales process for its users. It has developed a new prospecting tool, a searchable database of over 2.5 billion prospects. Using machine learning, the tool can predict the most suitable prospects and make data-driven recommendations on how to best reach them. This continues to help Nowsite users boost sales pipeline and have a smoother sales process within the platform. Nowsite Offers 3 different levels for lead generation.
  • SalesFlow Challenge – .
  • Unlimited Leads
  • SalesPro500 – A Completely Done for You Business. A Human Virtual Assistant Calls 500 Leads about Your business each Month.

Automated Content Creation is a critical component in creating a revenue generation website.  Wealthy Affiliates provides it members specific templates to create specific types of web content for their website. Within the ongoing training the members are required to produce keyword content based on their niche.

The training process in Wealthy Affiliates is intense but thorough. The amount of content that members are required to produce is tied to the level of success that will be achieved. Being able to create quality content with the use of Automated ContentCreation software could be a real benefit to content creators everywhere.


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