Highly Effective Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral Advertising

Running viral marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and leads.  These campaigns can have an enormous impact on generating a buzz for your business or brand.

Ultimate Viral Marketing lead magnet Give Away Vacation Certificates to Your Clients

Creating viral contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, competitions, and engaging opt in forms that contain surveys and quizzes is one of the most effective ways to get noticed online,

With the right combination of viral marketing tools, your business will generate more sales, increase traffic, social engagement and followers.

The Top Four Types of Viral Marketing Tools

  • Referral programs
  • Raffle competitions or viral competitions
  • Contests with gamified leaderboard points
  • Milestone recommendations

Deploy Your Viral Campaign

You can incorporate viral marketing campaigns into every phase of your marketing strategy.

  • Emails
  • Pop-up ads,
  • Apps
  • Web sites

Referral campaigns are those that ask your audience to share your information with their friends and followers.  You in turn offer incentives to them for performing this action. 


──── YOU GET $30  They Get $30────

Rakuten Uses Referral Marketing to go Viral

And Also Get A Free 3-Night Vacation Gateway T0 ORLANDO or LAS VEGAS


This image above is a combination viral marketing campaign that uses referral marketing with enticements for a free vacation certificate which is a powerful way to increase leads and sales for almost any online product.

Many people on social media share memes online.  Sharing memes became so popular that a couple of marketers created entire program offerings around this social media phenomenon.

Your viral marketing campaigns are based on the same premise, The way memes are relatable and entertaining, your viral marketing incentives should encourage your audience to take a certain action to gain something they may want.  

Strategies That Spike Traffic

Create an awesome GiveAway for people to voluntarily share their information and your content with their friends.  People tend to share  content on social media that is entertaining, funny, inspiring or content that provides a needed or wanted product of service.

Rakuten uses the referral program effectively. Rakuten gets a commission from stores when you make a purchase.

Rakuten shares the income with customers like you. Find the store on rakuten.com, click “Shop Now” and shop like normal on the store site. After you make an eligible purchase, you’ll earn Cash Back and get a check or PayPal payment every quarter.

Referral Marketing is a Great Tool to Create Word-of Mouth Marketing

If you are a small business striving to make your mark online.  There are viral content providers that can help you set up and complete these types of giveaways easily.

We chose 4 companies to test that provide the software required to implement a seamless operation to launch your viral giveaway, contest or sweepstakes. This type of viral content.  For transparency, the criteria for choosing these companies was:

  • Free or lost cost trial
  • An Affiliate Program
  • Price
  • Ease of Use

Free Trials

A free trial is a testament of the company’s belief in their product. 
Being able to test the product before you pull out your credit card gives you a sense that they have a viable product.  No frustration if you discover that the product does not work for you.  You end your free trial and there are no further worries.

They had to offer an affiliate program.  We believe you should use what you sell and sell what you use.  That is our mantra, quoted to me daily by my mother years ago.  The message is clear.  You cannot provide a recommendation to anyone about a product that you have not personally used. 

We are frugal marketers always looking of the best price on everything we use or recommend to our customers.  If there is real added value in the more expensive brand that will benefit the result, we are willing to bite the bullet.  But we do our research, check features, and determine the best product at the best price.

Viral Campaigns Providers

UpViral – is a platform focused on creating viral and referral campaign experiences, with all the logic built into the platform.

The internal creation process is easy. Build a viral campaign in minutes,


  • Leaderboards
  • Marketing automation emails and SMS, retargeting,
  • Social sharing and more.

Pricing: $1 for 14 days, then $79/mo.- $299.00

Woorise an All-in-one viral marketing campaign platform for those who want to increase their leads by running contests and competitions, with an added viral flavor.


  • Create conversion-optimized landing pages
  • Create quizzes,
  • Giveaways
  • Ready Made
  • Referral mechanics are built in,
  • Option of collecting payments.

Pricing: $0 – $99.00/mo.

King Sumo – focused on ensuring you build top-performing viral competitions. powered by the Appsumo family of products/


  • Build viral campaigns in a breeze.
  • WordPress plugin that integrates the software into your CMS
  • Competition marketing is based on conversion-optimized principles

The Give Away format for this site is created by MIT engineers who test and study the psychology behind giveaway marketing techniques

Pricing: They do not have a free trial but offer a onetime cost of $49.00 lifetime.

The viral tools discussed above are a small sampling of over 25 viral marketing tools researched for the article. One of the best articles for finding the top 14 list of viral tools is available here.  Or do a Google search to find a larger sampling of the tools.

When creating an ad that you wish to go viral you want to find the best incentive that you can to entice people to sign up for your newletter or join your program.  Well, we discovered the best incentive that money can buy at a reasonable monthly fee.  

Become An Affiliate For MarketingBoost…..

And Earn 40% Monthly Residual Commissions

And Also Test One of MarketingBoost Incentives For Yourself! Become an Affiliate and We Will Send You a Complimentary 3-Night Vacation Getaway To LAS VEGAS

Vacation Certificates are the ultimate go to in incentive marketing.  So with the choice out of the way of what our “lead magnet would be, we were ready to launch our viral ad campaign.

What are the Benefits of Viral Marketing?

When your offer is enticing, funny or useful to the audience, your opportunity to go viral increases tremendously.

Find products and services that people need and offer it to them in a funny meme, a giveaway or involve them in a contest that offers a great prize.  When people share your contest or useful information with their friends and family, your intent will be realized.

One of the greatest benefits of creating viral content is the low costs of creating the viral campaign that produces the highest ROI.

Once you design viral content, your advertising budget is reduced significantly because viral content that is intentionally gets shared over and over again.

Viral Marketing Tools In Action


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