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Using Viral Marketing Techniques

There was a Live demo given by Simon, creator of conversiobot with the title

“How He Built A List Of 1 Million Email Subscribers Without Spending A Cent”

This title was presented for a webinar sponsored by Simon. The title of the webinar was a show stopper. Since every marketer knows that The Money is in the List”, I signed up for the webinar. I sat through 1 hour of promoting and exaggerations to discover what the secret to a million subscribers in an email list would involve.

I was intrigued by the title which means the intended response was obtaine. recently attended this webinar to find out exactly how this guy did this. He used a referral marketing technique giving away a valuable incentive. He suggested that the contest should run for a total of 27 days.

The Secret to a Million Email Subscribers

The secret to the Million Email Subscribers without Spending a Cent was Referral Marketing. Referral Marketing is a technique (for some, a marketing channel) that enables loyal clients and advocates to refer their friends and family to your product or service in exchange of rewards, a gift or cold hard cash.

Rakuten Cororation are masters in this technique. They offer cash for referrals which makes them a favorite of many consumers. One of their referral marketing campaigns is available below.


Who is Rakuten

In Japanese, Rakuten stands for “optimism.”
This philosophy lies at the core of our brand.

Rakuten is a Japanese startup that provides its customers with cash-back incentives for shopping. It is an electronic commerce and online retail enterprise that has emerged as a leader in the commercial sector of business. Rakuten is the leader in creating referral marketing campaign that appeal to a large sement of the population, on a global level.

Referral Marketing is viral marketing at its finest. Referral marketing is based on the word-of-mouth concept with a viral marketing component.

has the same effect as word-of-mouth, but is initiated and managed by a company.

The rewards offered to customers referring other people, can come in many forms:

  • Discounts.
  • Money.
  • Free products.
  • Early access.

Now that information was different than the suggestions from the varous referral marketing software sites that I recently surveyed. They suggested a 14 day duration. The program being sold was at a cost of $997.00 to get the benefit of his years of knowledge on how to run what he called “Kontest”

Of course, I was interested in the subject every online marketers wants a million active subscribers on their list. That is like Nirvana. However, I am too frugal (not cheap) to spend that kind of money on a training course. I have been there and done that before. So, I decided to use a more cost effective version of his program to determine if referral marketing could in fact deliver those kind of results.

One of the programs that I promote online is Marketing Boost that provides all of the different types of referral marketing videos and websites that you might need to run an effective campaign. However, I found having to create an entire website for a referal marketing or giveaway or contest was too time consuming and tedious.

I did want to use the remarkable incentives that Marketing Boost Offers but I was a little preoccurpied with writing content for my blog, and keeping up with other websites that I was creaing. So I found an easier and more effective method to produce my online referral program.


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