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Want a quick and easy way to go viral?   This is the perfect solution for any business owner who wants to start a buzz online. Many marketers use this strategy. Start giving away something free. They call their free offer a lead magnet. The selling point with the program is that the free membership enables the receiver to start earning income

Giving away something free that is useful to a large number of people in your target audience will always generate a lot of buzz in the marketplace.  This is especially true if the gift has value, teaches a skill, shows people how to make money.

The Instant Profits Club offers some Tantalizing Benefits:

  • Free Money Making Membership that You Simply Give Away
  • Built in Commissions
  • Automated Income
  • Done For Your Advertising System

Giving away free memberships is based on the simple concept of Reciprocity. People love to get free stuff, so if you can give them something of value for free, they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends and followers. They also have a need to reciprocate. Giving Something back to you.

Additionally, if people don’t know you they may be reluctant to spend their hard earned money on a product you are promoting.  There is no risk for a free product.  Now, if your product is determined to be valuable and to provide something that your perspective customer needs, you may have created a lifetime customer.

Marketing for Viral Results

Combining an offer that is truly valuable with one that is relevant to your brand and your audience, you may have found a winner. The Instant Profits Club also gives the impression that it is exclusive. You send your potential customer a Private Invitation to Join.

Exclusivity Sells

Another benefit that this offers provides is “Done For You Marketing, Lead Generation, Even a review page that upgraded members can use. This program has all the bells and whistles needed to be an effective viral program for the user.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to give away free memberships and why it’s such an effective viral marketing strategy.

We’ll also provide some tips on how to make sure your campaign is successful. So read on if you want to learn more https://viraladmasters.com/reciprocity-equals-viral-messaging!

What is Included in The Instant Profit Free Membership?

The Instant Profits Free membership is a great way to get started with a new income stream. This business model allows you to try out the features and benefits without any long-term commitment. And, if you like what you see, you can always upgrade to a paid membership later.

The Benefits of Instant Profits Club include:

As a free member of Instant Profits Club , you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that will help you learn to earn money by giving this program away for free. There is a lot of money on the table once you realize how much you can earn from the numerous upgrades.

For starters, paying for the Pro memberhip, takes your earning from 50% to 100% commissions. You’ll be to earn instant profits on everyone you refer who also sees the benefit in this program. once you create your account and personalize your profile you can use the “Done”For You Advertising Suite.

Your Customized Promo Tools with Pre-Written Ads & Banners

The advertising suite includes:

  • Email swipes
  • Social Media Posts
  • Classified Ads
  • Signature Ads
  • Tweets & Blurbs
  • Banners & Graphics

This systems allows you to hit the ground running with your marketing efforts. When we include some of our Automation Marketing Tools into the mix like Viral Dashboard , you have a complete marketing powerhouse ready to earn you some serious money.

This ready made marketing suite will allow you to connect with other users and build a network of friends and contacts. Additionally, you’ll have access to all of the features you need to build a viral marketing campaign to earn money.

Leads Converter – Optional Upgrade

One of the upgrades that I selected is the Leads Converter Option. This upgrade allows you to have your own lead generation system you can use to build a list and convert subscribers into members.

Users of this upgrade can get up and running by simply filling in a form and clicking a button to have your signup form and affiliate link inserted into the system instantly.

Plus there is a set of 10 reports you can brand in 1-click and give away to get traffic to the system.

Click Here to Upgrade to Leads Converter

I also liked the fact that the upgrade provides 10 reports that the user can rebrand with 1-click and give these reports away as lead magnets to attrack more traffic.

Use Your Free Membership for A Viral Campaign

As a free member of Instant Profits Club you have access to a number of great features that will help you get the most out of your membership. Here are some tips on how to use your free membership to its fullest:

1. Use the Free Membership tools to post your information on 21 Social Media Platforms using Viral Dashboard

2. When sending emails to your list, use the signture text provided by the software (i.e.

Signature #1: P.S. Claim your FREE money making membership pass: Click here for more information

Signature #2: P.S. By the way, you can grab your free pass to this BRAND NEW membership site
that YOU can actually give away and earn commissions:

3. Run a Viral Contest for The Instant Profits Club. This program has been around for a while but has not received the extensive exposure that is needed.

4. Connect with other members by sending them messages or friend requests.

5. Check out our blog for helpful tips and advice on how to make your give-aways more successful.

6. When you’re ready to start giving away free memberships, use the Giveaway Format located at King Sumo. Offer additional gifts that are relevant to your audience. You will be able to track your progress and feature your give-away on your site.


What I liked About The Instant Profits Club

The program is complet in the information it provides and the options it provides to the members on how and where to advertise. I love the option of “Instant Payments” This concept is lost in most online affiliate and network marketing programs. Members have to wait 30-60 days to get paid. This option was a huge plus for me.

Traffic Accelerator

Traffic Accelerator

Hands FreeTraffic Generation:

One of the most complete slate of traffic getting options from one source. The Traffic Accelerator upgrade is perfect for members who want the traffic generation handled for them.

As a “Traffic Accelerator” participant, you get the luxury of having hands-free traffic delivered to you every month.

So all you have to do is submit your Instant Profits Club affiliate link and start receiving clicks, signups and sales without doing anything yourself.

Done For You Marketing, Traffic & Signups The world of Internet Marketing is hard. Trying to put together your own suite of marketing tools for a product is time-comsuming and can be expensive.

I loved the fact that the program provided so many options, graphics, email swipes, banner and text ads to use for marketing.

Some programs online require you create a 468x 60 banner to advertise your program online. Where do you find a banner with these dimensions? Even if these graphics and banners are used for its members, I failed to find any in the programs I looked at online. So, I was appreciate of the offering.

It is not often that you get this type of value from one site. The Instant Profit Membership impressed me by with the amount of information and training provided. The program has been around for a while which is reassuring and a benefit in that it provides value and is solid. The program offers everything someone wuld need to create a profitable and solid busness online.

What I did Not Like

Initially, I was upset with the many upsells on the site. I have found that with some of the affiliate networks, they present you upsell after upsell until you have almost forgotten what you were buying. My problem is why don’t the vendors include all those “special upgrades” in the primary program. How many upsells is too many.?

However, after seeing the value and the price of all the upsells offered, I did some calculations and found that if I consented to all the upsells, I would still pay a lot less for more information and products than many of the offers I recently encountered in those 2 hours seminar program.

Simons $997.00 program for learning to sell “bots”, or his other offering “How he got 1 million subscribers “without spending one cent which was $1997. Simon ever offered

Or Bill McIntosh, whose program all cost in the 1,000’s of dollars. The Upsells for The Instant profits Club” all-in was only $258.00 and you will have a complete product to sell as your own. In fact one of the upgrades included a Traffic Accerlerator Program

Running a Viral Campaign Using The Automatic Profits Membership

The King Sumo campaign was an amazing success! We gave away over 1,000 free memberships and our website traffic exploded. We’re so grateful to everyone who participated and helped us spread the word. If you didn’t get a chance to participate this time, don’t worry — we’ll be running another campaign soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out our website and take advantage of our great membership benefits. Thank you again for your support!


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