Earn a Million Dollars

The easiest way to earn a million dollars online is by working with a team

Making Money is Just a numbers Game

I have been researching and attempting to make money online for years. I am always intrigued by affiliate marketers who throw out these enormous numbers and online proof showing the amount of money they make with one campaign, whether it is direct mail, AdSense income, Instagram marketing, et. nauseam. While their claims are true, their tactics, and secrets, and mailing list have not shown me the money, just a large gaping hole in my bank account.

Advice from the Experts say “Starting a successful business can make you a millionaire (or even a billionaire) if you create the next Facebook), but the risks are high. About half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Your chances of success are greater if you start with a well-thought-out business plan that outlines your competitive strategies and your goals.

I can do the math. I have followed the expensive training that the Marketing experts offer online for fifty dollars to thousands of dollars training me to get other people to enter their web of training lies so that it can benefit from the lie and the training that often leads to spending more money and more time on useless pursuits.

Would the business you promote pass the Shark Tank review?

I joined Automatic Builder which is at best a money maker but will not earn you the million-dollar prize unless you have the tenacity and the ability to persuade tens of thousands of people to join you in your money getting pursuit. The affiliate marketing model only works for you if you can convince others to sell your products, write glowing reviews about a product and give them a percentage of the sale to leverage the owner of the product’s investment into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then I found Savings Highway. I will admit that I had soured about MM, Network marketing businesses since the debacle with Amway. when My sister and I discovered that the only way to really make the money was by selling the meetings, the books, and the tapes. that you would never really make any money selling the overpriced products that you were obligated to purchase every month.

What Is Savings Highway Global?
It is a savings platform with an MLM aspect

Once you become a member you can save money on purchases that you make.

  • Ink
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Shopping
  • Dining Out
  • Entertainment
  • Television
  • Cell Phones
  • Internet
  • Car Insurance
  • Grocery shopping
  • Domain names
  • Alarm systems
  • Taxation
  • and many other things.

But Savings Highway was different. I could save money just by being a member of the organization. I was excited by that fact… then I started exploring the compensation plan attached to the program. There is a clear pathway to financial freedom. While I may not live long enough, there is an opportunity to earn $47million dollars at the top of the compensation plan.

Multiple Income Builder

Alonzo Brown combined my two favorite programs into one that he calls Multiple Income Builder. This program includes
Automatic Builder and The Savings HighwayThe combination of these programs was absolutely a brilliant move. There are problems with the program that I do not promote. All those advertising safelist and Traffic Exchanges and even Tapestri promoted on the site are a little Sketchy and I will not join them. In fact, Savings Highway has a program to provide you with constant leads that lead to sales which is my primary way of getting to my million dollar per year goal.

Ads, Leads and Marketing Plan Provided to You

There are four packages: $49, $99, $199, and $100.

Here is a description below:

  • All Leads include First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email.
  • A Premium Opt-in lead is someone that filled out a form on-line and answered a few questions.  (Available on all packages)
  • A TVO Lead is a Telephone Verified Lead where we did our best to determine a correct phone number. (Available on all packages)
  • An MLMers / Business Opportunity Seeker is from a list of people who were known to be in an MLM, an affiliate program, or other income generating opportunity. (Available on all packages)
  • Traffic / Visitors is where we create an ad with your link and drive traffic to that ad. (Available on $99 and $199 packages)
  • Our Youmongus Ad Network Account is an account where you can create your own Ad on up to 35 of our high traffic websites. (Available on $199 package) Never expires. You can log in and edit as often as you like.
  • All leads and traffic/visitors are overfilled accordingly in case some information does not work out.