Save 20 – 40 cents on Gas with Savings Highway

Californians are paying almost $6.00 Gallon while my family in Texas is paying only $4.00 gallon.

It really doesn’t matter because Gas Prices can kill the economy and wreck havoc on a family’s financial future.

Again, three three key points here the national average for a gallon of gas hits the highest level in more than seven years Friday, and this was printed posted on February 4 that was almost a month ago, the move comes after, of course.

Savings Highway To the Rescue

So we’re seeing a lot of things happening right now so here’s is savings highway global coming to the rescue because we can help our members and our prospects save money.

Savings Highway has found a particular gas card, we have over 1 million members 18 million total card savings 24 million card transactions 280 million gallons pumped

You link your bank account to the card and pay for the gas using money from your linked bank account, and the card works at 95% of the stationsthat you will have access to. If you are an EXXoN users, you need to bewaare that the 5% is probably going to be Exxon do not go to access

In Addition to 20-40 cents off your cas purchases off your gas try these steps presented by AAA and he consumer Agency

  • Drive evenly: maintain a steady pace. According to Consumer Reports, the harder you accelerate, the more fuel you use.
  • Unnecessary braking wastes fuel
  • Drive the speed limit: On the highway, aerodynamic drag causes fuel economy to drop off significantly at speeds above 50 mph, according to AAA.
  • Coast before braking: When approaching a red light or stop sign, AAA suggest taking your foot off the gas early to allow your car to coast down to a slower speed until it’s time to brake.
  • Cruise control: Using cruise control to help maintain a constant speed helps save fuel. AAA cautions drivers to not use cruise control on slippery roads because it could result in a loss of vehicle control.
  • Stay aerodynamic:
  • Remove roof racks when they are not being used. At highway speeds, more than 50 percent of engine power goes toward overcoming drag, and carrying unneeded things on the roof only adds to the problem.

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