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Imagine growing your business 5%-10% a month. Every month.

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In this hectic and very busy online world, clients are targeted constantly by emails, sms, online ads, publications, influencers and more. To get the attention of a prospect is an ongoing challenge for online marketers.

Marketers all understand that building an email list is the most important activity that they have online.

Then there is a need to convert thoses email leads into buyers. If you don’t stand out in the crowd, your message will be lost.

Many marketers are learning that they need to use a variety of creative strategies to build their lists and reach their financial goals.

Our goal in this article and in the downloable ebook is to show you the most creative ways of winning the battle of the email lists.

This ebook will not only show you how to get more leads and sales but how to exponentialy explode your leads getting efforts using the tools and techniques of referral marketing with incentives.

One tool that is impressively effective is using promotional contests and giveaways in order to capture the attention of your prospect.

One of the most used tools in this arsenal of creative thinking is using high value incentives as a lead generation or lead magnet to draw your leads into your inner circle.

These innovative tools used for lead generation can bring your business a great number
of benefits and we list a few below.

Become Obsessed with List Building?

After a known guru had problems with his GoogleAds Account and was shut down twice by Google he was devastated, stated “After rebuilding my business from scratch twice, I promised myself this
would never happen again. That’s when my list building obsession started.

The Benefits of an Email List:

  • You will always have an audience to rely on
  • Most traffic sources are risky
  • SEO rankings could drop
  • Ad accounts can get shut down
  • Algorithm updates dry up any traffic source.
  • You will get results faster


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