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Affiliate Marketing is a competitve industry.  In order to be successful, affilites have to create their own competitive advantage by using the latest technology to increase their ability to reach as many new potential customers as possible. 

Chatbot Marketing is not a new product.  This type of marketing is used by many Fortune600 companies to deliver messages, product offering and information directly to their customers. Conversiobot provides this service to online marketers at a reasonable price with features found in the most expsnive bots.

Conversiobot provides the opportunity for affiliates to leverage the AI-powered functionalities of chatbots within their marketing arsenal. 

\Website:  ConversioBot
Special Pricing from $37.00 to upsells $$497.00- 
Simon Wood

Training Quality: 10/10
Research Tools:
Websites Included: Affiliate is
Provided 4 or more bots
Hosting Included:
Free Trial:

Overall Rank: 9/10

How Conversiobot Works

Training Quality Section

Simple to Use -The training is complete and show you how simple it is to deploy a bot on your site.  There are several template available to use.  The conversiobot is 100% newbie-friendly using simple “point and click” and “drag and drop” interface. Other than that, you don’t really need to know a single line of code to add a highly responsive and personalized interaction. No coding necessary

Conversiobot Pro

The Conversiobot Pro allows you to get more sales and leads due to its award-winning Artificial intelligence technology. Besides, Conversiobot Pro has a commercial multi-site license and have agency assets to exceptionally increase your profit.

There are several upsells for this product

OTO 1 – Done for You Pro -has a library of of bots. High  converting done for you chatbot templates for several businesses are included.. Simply “clone”  a copy of any of them and then modify it to your liking. Generate different types of chatbots for demonstrations to specific niche businesses. Really fast and easy process.

OTO 2 – The Auto Chatbot Builder – This feature allows you to create a customized chatbot with just a few clicks. No need to write any custom codes as this tool does it for you. Your new bot will be customized for your business

OTO 3 – Conversiobot Extreme – Conversiobot Extreme allows you to add custom branding to your chatbots. Create a variety of bots, like full-page bots and bots that are embedded via iframes. Other commercial chatbot options do not offer these features.

OTO 4 – Agency License/ Agency Assets –  Add team members to your account.Assign an employee or virtual assistant to maintain or change the bots. Agency License comes with a website builder that allows you to create a business website. .

What Bonuses are Included? – These bonuses are added to your account automatically immediately after purchase. The bonuses are given for the front-end offers and the Value Bonus Bundle.

Front End Offers – When you purchase the front-end offer, it comes with some great generic templates. Besides, when you buy the chat bot, you will also get the following products:

  • Bonus #1: The Additional Bot Images

You can upload your images to the dashboard to get more conversions.

  • Bonus #2: The Extra Templates

The front end offer comes with ten chat templates for artificial intelligence. The bonus product has generic templates that you can use.

  • Bonus #3: VIP Training

Buyer get access to  all the necessary guidelines to get started. Get access to a VIP training session to help you get more conversions with the product.


The price is very reasonable for all the value received. Of course there are those pesky upsales which may be worth it long term.  But the features in the front end product are many and can make anyone more productive. there are many features that the Conversiobot possesses that make it easy toget started building a functional chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence – Conversiobot is powered by artificial intelligence. As a result, it will assist you to use the aggregated data from every customer service interaction. Besides, the chatbot builder allows you to learn what works best and improve responses over time.

Done for You Chatbot Templates – Through chatbots, Conversiobot generates leads by conversing and interacting with the visitors on your website. It can automatically send messages to the customers when they visit your website. Consequently, it will help you to prevent hours of talking to customers.

Easy Customization – Using Conversiobot, a website owner can easily customize it to do whatever they desire for their website or blog. To customize, you do not need to have any professional skills as all you have to do point, click, and finish.


This product is highly recommended, The product it is user-friendly with a more affordable prices than many other products on the market.

The product solves a problem for online marketers by increasing customer engagement leading to more sales from their websites.  the product is very adaptable to several industries. The product easily complements other marketing channels to make them more effective. ConversioBots can give marketers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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