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Using AI for Viral Advertising

Artificial Intelligence System Viral Advertising

Combining automation with online advertising will create a viral affect for marketers.  Using innovative automation by delivering relevant content to potential customers creates a boomerang affect that leaves your customers wanting more.with automation you can deliver what the customers required in less time.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms are being used for every stage of the marketing cycle from lead generation, nurturing, segmentation to deliveringthe final product and completing the sale. f

Researching and testing software programs to determine their effectiveness is a hobby and passion of mine.  Making life easier for the online solopreneur is critical because the work-from home Moms & Dads must wear several hats.  Creating a way to automate any of the myriad tasks they must perform is important to the overall success of any venture.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based marketing software, a new era in online marketing is emerging. This software is available to businesses of any size. the costs to use this type of software has plummeted as the demand for this type of automated software increases. There is stiff competition in this market, so vendors are adjusting their prices to attract smaller business entities.

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzz word in marketing because it is the ultimate way to automate everything from emails to lead generation to customer care that can directly impact the bottom line leading to more sales.

Automated marketing fueled by Artificial Intelligence will dominate all phases of online marketing. Business must adopt and adapt to this modern technology to keep a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“If companies are not taking action to upgrade their marketing tools, the success of their business may be in jeopardy”,

Customers expect a certain level of engagement and follow through from vendors that at an elevated level can only be maintained using automation. Customers expect a certain level of sophistication from services that claim they can improve their situation.

Speed of delivery is a key component in customer service.  When your customer base is increasing, automation is the only way to serve your customers in an expedient way.

What is Artificial Intelligence

The phrase “artificial intelligence,” or AI, is used to refer to a variety of methods that let machines imitate human intelligence.

When humans think, they take in information from their environment, understand what it means, base a decision on it, and then act.

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into various marketing and sales processes is becoming commonplace. Using Artificial Intelligence for online marketing canmake huge improvements in the result that we can expect from our efforts.

AI is transforming our online lives in both significant and subtle ways, from tailored suggestions on what we purchase and video streaming services to the next generation of lead generation, nurturing, scoring and delivery of leads direct to our inbox.

No Hands Off Approach when Using AI and Automation

Artificially intelligent devices are designed to replicate the behaviors and decision-making capabilities of humans. There are emerging AI products that can perform every stage of the sales cycle reducing the 15-minute sales call down to 15 seconds. 

There are AI Article generation products that will write an article based on 1 or 2 keywords. uou can often see the results of this technology with product reviews or articles that are confusing and hard to read. Even if yo choose to use AI technology for your business processes. You must check the accuracy and readability of the products that these robots produce.

Examples of Marketing Products Using Artificial Intelligence.

MarketingBlocks: This app is packed with world-class features, such as an AI-powered graphics editor, video editor, text to speech editor, page builder, inbuilt translator, resizing wizard and more. This is an all-in-one tool helps you to cover everything you need to start an online business andprovide Facebook
Ad templates to aid in marketing/

SalesFlow by Nowsite: Addresses the #1 Problem for Business OwnersNowsite will generate high quality leads for your business, or your money back. All you need to do is use it. Do not confuse Sales Flow by Nowsite with SalesFlow.io. SalesFlow by Nowsite delivers Ai targeted prospects. Loaded into your CRM. Provides instant access to a database of 2.5 billions prospects. Target by interests, age, location, and contact Enhancements.

Receive 100 prospects per month for just $49.50 per month. The machine learning sales engine tells you exactly what to say to the prospects at the perfect time to help you close more customers and make more sales. Launched in March of 2022.

  • Connect with a new prospect
  • Send them an AI generated sales script
  • Schedule a follow-up

SalesFlow Unlimited Leads & Contact Information with Automated Tactics & Scripts

SalesPro500: Virtual Assistant contacts 500 leads on your behalf and schedules a followup.

The difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

While AI refers to ability of a machine or device to think without being externally programmed, machine learning enables devices to continuously think about how to act based on the data they receive

The AI assistant

The AI assistant is a program that many businesses are using in their customer service departments.  These human-like voices ask you pre-loaded questions and provide information and perform tasks at your request.

While many AI assistants are most commonly linked to smartphones and smart home speakers like Alexa, these smart assistants exist in a wide range of other devices like XR glasses, home appliances, connected cars, and more.

What is XR? 

This technology brings us to the realm of fantasy technology seen in sci-fi movies.  The development of these technologies literally changes our world as we know it. Your customer

Imagine with me being able to visit the Louvre Museum in France or walk through the Taj Mahal in the Indian city of Agra. XR is the future of travel This totally immersive experience.  This innovative technology indicates that you’ll be able to experience these locations and more, through your mobile phone or online. 

In fact, places like the French National Museum of Natural History are already using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 smart glasses to bring exhibitions to life through AR. 


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