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Can these AI Powered content creation programs meet Google Requirements?

There is a whole new generation of AI powered Content Creation Software that promises to produce

SEO Friendly content to boost your exposure online. In this article , we will explore whether the claims are true.

Google Demands that your articles fit certain guidelines. Some of the requirements include the following:

(1) Use smaller paragraphs. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Online it is difficult to read large blocks of content. Twitter teaches us that yu need to get your point across in 140 characters. So it benefits the writer or the robot to use short paragraphs when creating an article

You want white space within your content which increases readability and more people will read your content as a result.

(2) Font Size and Color . The normal font sizes are 12 points/ Many online articles increase the font size to 14 to make it easier for readers. Do not be tempted to use a lot of variable font sizes and colors. Black and white are the preferred colors of the Google Bots.

White background with black text is the preferred combination and is proven to convert the best

(3) Use Graphics . Using relevant visuals on your website is desirable since it breaks up the content and draws the eye to important subjects that you migh want to highlight. The popularity of graphics and pretty pictures has created an entire industry that sales graphics and artistic designs by the millions to struggling online authors.

This will lead to more engagement, a higher reader rate, and as a result, more conversions.

(4) Use Headlines and Sub Headlines Break up your content into relevant topics and subtopics. The default is the H2 tags for your subheadings but using H3 (Heading 3) tags within your content makes your content more readable.


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