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Toys Created with Artificial Intelligence Bring Pleasure & Privacy Concerns

The Best Use of AI & Machine Learning

One of the best and most enoyable uses for Artificial Intelligence is creating imaginative and innovative toys that engage and delight children. Smart toys are fun but eduational tools that take the drudgery out of learning . These toys also bring delight and joy to adults.

Parents and grandparents can spend hours exploring the capabilities of these toys. For grandparents born in the 60’s, these toys are reminmescent of the Saturday Sci-Fi movies and the much celebrated cartoon – The Jetsons.

In our wildest dreams did we ever think we woulld live to see a real Rosie a totally autonomous yet fully obedient robot, or R.U.D.I, a kind but fully independent machine. But, they are realized and being sold everywhere.

What grandparents thought was just futuriestic dreaming, our great grandchildren are living and interacting with real life miracles. What my great grandchildren take for granted as everyday tools, were unimaginable creations in the old days.

My grandson is amazed that I am so amazed by technological advancements. He does not understnd my amazement and deep concern for implementing smart technology to solve human problems.

in my time, who did not want a Rosie running around the house taking care of the family and tending to household chores. What about a machine that can answer any question you pose to it from “What is the weather like? to How do I find the forumula for energy?

In the old days, my business partner and I created a fast track learning program for children based on the a book called “SuperLearning” created by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder  Superlearning 2000: New Triple Fast Ways You Can Learn, Earn, and Succeed in the 21st Century to help kids learn faster and perform better on tests. The program was so opular that many businesses as well as school districts started implementing this program to help children learn better and faster.

With Smart toys on the scene that can personalize lessons based on the speed the child learns, fascinates me and drives me to delve deeper into this fascinating technology.

Caveat – Buyer Beware

But there seems to be some cautionary measures that parents need to consider when purchasing some smart toys that retain data from children. There is a doll that learns the child’s favorite ice cream flavor. is learning your kid’s favorite ice cream flavor, Smart toys with AI capabilities are widely available and more are expected to overrun the market as the Christmas season approaches.

The Market Research Future Organization predicts that by 2030, the global market share of these toys would increase by 26% and reach 107.02 billion USD.

“As an AI toy starts to learn the child, this means the toy in the next 15 years will be smarter than the parent and gather all this data that could one day hurt the child,” said, singer-songwriter and chair of the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Awards’ judging committee, recently speaking at CNBC’s Evolve Global Summit.

Two Main Categories of Smart Toys

  • Smart companions, which learn from and interact with the child during activities.
  • Programmable toys designed with machine learning that move and perform tasks to teach kids educational skills.

ROYBI Robot creates personalized lessons to teach kids educational subjects like science, languages and math. The toy has a camera and microphone and can detect facial and emotional reactions from kids

Fortunately, the information that is gathered is controlled through parents or a guardian’s account.

While ROYBI Robot is a smart toy that handles data collection ethically and responsibly, according to Seth Bergeson, an artificial intelligence and machine learning fellow at the World Economic Forum, there are other smart toys that may risk personal and data privacy.

Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

If you read my previous rant regarding my fascination with AI technology with machine learning, you must know that when I say this video, I was “almost in tears, I never thought I would see this level of technology come to life in my lifetime. Just astonishingly cool. ahead ove to Amazon to see the Video. It is unbelievable! You don’t have to clean up after it.

For the Man who Has Everything

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