AI lead generation technology is the "Holy Grail" for Online Marketers

Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Unlimited Leads for Unlimited Businesses

The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation

Putting the power of AI, big data, & machine learning behind the lead generation process produces scalable, reliable and impressive results. The most impressive lead generation tools researched are those that integrate a human element at the critical step of the customer’s jouney toward the end of the sales cycle.

The Role of Automated Marketing Software is to deliver a connected seamless process that coordinates the efforts of the marketing, sales, and service teams to close deals and win over customers.

Artificial Intelligence With a Human Touch

Your own Sales Assistant contacts 500 targeted prospects, and generate 🔥 leads for you every day!

SalesPro by Nowsite gives their customer a human Sales Assistant who contacts 500 targeted individuals on behalf of their business.  In a world where automation reigns supreme, the human touch becomes more important than ever. 

Too Much Automation Can Impact Results

Have you ever been caught in what many of the Big Fortune 500 companies consider their virtual support assistant who suddenly cannot understand the words that are coming out of your mouth? You spell your name.  You use the spelling alphabet, like S is for Sam…they still cannot decipher what you are saying. 

We expect  the chatbot to only have certain answers,  We know they will not be able to  manage any subjective questions concerning your refund from a transaction that should not have taken place in the first instance.

There is nothing more frustrating than being handed from one robotic text -to speech voice and no one can address your issue.  With this scenario playing in my head, I could not imagine a robotic voice calling my prospective customers with a programmed script that did not contain enough conditional branches to answer a simple but unexpected question

        There are some competitors online in the field of automated lead generation, however, many fall short in one especially key area.  There is little human intervention when engaging with customers and customers want and deserve that.

Top Companies offering Artifical Intelligence in Lead Generation

These Companies listed below occupy the top 4 positions on Google first page for the search term “artificial intelligence in lead generation”

  1. Amazon  Offers free services for Application developers, data scientist and expert practitioners to create. Integrated Applications.  The Amazon AWS offers these professionals access to the broadest & deepest set of machine learning services to enhance their business.
  2.  Plena  uses a Robot for Lead Generation The ONLY scraping tool you need!  Based on the target buyer described, the robot finds leads from
    • LinkedIn
    • ZoomInfo
    • SeamlessAI
    • Google Business
    • Facebook

3. 6sense Reinvents the way your organization creates, manages, and converts pipeline to revenue. Intent Data for the Win.6sense orchestrates data from millions of potential buyers to map decision-maker behavior, uncover intent, and accurately predict in-market accounts. This company caters to larger organizations.

The robot can scrape the necessary details you need while cross referencing multiple sources for accuracy. Having high quality leads with validated contact information is essential to prevent spams and losing domain credibility.

4. Data Axle (formerly Sales Genie) advertises as a one stop for lists and solutions. This product is for B2B.   They provide full-service data and marketing solutions and easy-to-use products for their clients.

The comparison between these companies and Nowsite is not balanced because the companies listed on the first page of Google are companies whose target audiences are Big Businesses or specific individuals with a specific skill set for the Amazon offer.  with Big Budgets. 

The marketing and sales teams they target are organizations that differentiate tasks and expected outcomes from a sales team, a marketing organization that perform specific task within a larger body. These companies and their employees have experience and big budgets with knowledgeable individuals who can utilize the data in innovative ways to serve the needs of the company.

The Best AI Lead Generation Tool(for small businesses)

SalesPro by Nowsite is created for the small businesses to empower them with the same tools and strategies used by large companies with big budgets.

Nowsite serves over 200 Industries in 100 Languages and was named one of Canada’s Top New Growth companies in 2020.  The mission of the company is to provide resource-constrained small business owners the tools they need to discover, pitch, and close customers at scale. Creating powerful but easy-to-use tools required to find and close targeted prospects for sales teams of 10 or less.

“There’s an opportunity to build a destination for the independent salesperson – to give them a home, a platform – and to be a trusted partner,” .

Justin Belobaba

Nowsite is adding 1,500 additional users every month. month. A snapshot of those on the platform shows a cross section of commissioned freelance salespeople.  Some of the disciplines include

  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance brokers
  • Affiliate Marketers.  

The product addresses the needs of business owners who may not have the time or the skill to operate some of the complexities of setting up a marketing to sales funnel.  

Nowsite first introduced a straightforward online marketing platform with a focus on CRM capabilities such as pipeline management, trackable sales stages, follow-up reminders, with a seamless process to engage nurture and provide solutions to the customer.

Nowsite is in a perpetual expansion mode adding additional capabilities to the platform.  The intention of the platform is to solve the most critical pain points within the marketing and sales flow process.

The first most obvious pain point for online marketers is lack of traffic and leads. Nowsite expanded its CRM functionality to solve this critical pain points within the sales process for its users.

It has developed a new prospecting tool, a searchable database of over 2.5 billion prospects. Using machine learning, the tool can predict the most suitable prospects and make data-driven recommendations on how to best reach them. This continues to help Nowsite users boost their sales pipeline and have a smoother workflow.

Their most popular module within the Salesflow platform is Unlimited Leads for Unlimited Businesses.  The structure of their offering is 4 levels as shown below.

Get Started: This page is the home screen where users can view their daily checklist, prospects, launch SalesFlow, and set targeting criteria. This is a convenient way for the user to see all key details in one dashboard view.

SalesFlow $49.00/mo.

  • 100 targeted prospects
  • 20 Contact Enhancements with detailed demographic info
  • 10 Personality Reports with actionable sales tactics
  • 2 Websites & Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Contacts & CRM

SalesGrow $89.00/mo.

  • Unlimited targeted prospects
  • Unlimited Contact Enhancements with detailed demographic info
  • 50 Personality Reports with actionable sales tactics
  • 2 Websites & Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Contacts & CRM

SalesPro500 $139.00/mo.  $99.00/mo. For a Limited Time

  • Everything that’s in SalesGrow
  • Your own Sales Assistant to contact 500 targeted prospects
  • and generate 🔥 leads for you every day!

The most impressive offering is the SalesPro500.  The Sales Assistant that is assigned to you is human.  She/He is personable and walks you through the process. You explain what type of business you want her to offer the leads that she contacts.  When the lead is ready or states an interest in your program, you are contacted to do the follow up and close the sale.


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