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Automation is so important to the small business owner The goal is to automate as many tasks as possible to reach maximum growth and revenue .

Every content creator needs some form of automated content generation whether it is an AI Writing Assistant or automated content generation software to speed the content generation process.

However, according to Google’s John Mueller, the content generated automatically using AI writing tools violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. His statement led to lots of debates in the SEO community.

AI-generated content is typically assumed to come under auto-generated content, which can lead to a manual penalty.

Using Artificial Intelligence content generators to automate your content creation can be a very effective but it would seem less than optimal way to increase the amount of unique content that your website requires to keep your message and your SEO rankings steady and consistent. This content is intended to increase your SEO score on Google but can send you to content hell if used incorrectly..

Automated Content Creation

Automated Content Generation

When you use AI automated content creation for your website, you gain a valuable team member that works alongside you to streamline content creation.

With the huge advancement in AI technology to create content the question is whether Google differentiate between content written by AI or a human? Mueller did not answer this question:

These automated content creation tools become part of the overall automation strategy to give you the advantage of speed by automating some of your marketing tasks. They are typically faster than humans and can take on many tasks without getting tired or overwhelmed.

These automated AI writing tools are great for beating writers block and creating content that feeds the Google Content Monster and helps you to convert visitors to raving fans.

Content is King

Not only is content king, but using some of the Artificial Intelligence content generators can costs a King’s Ransom.

Mueller said machine-written content is not OK. However, he noted that at some point “down the road” Google might be more open to content generated by a machine. The key would be Google would have to be unable to tell whether it was written by a script or a human. 

You must interact with the content generated from your AI Robot. You cannot just post to your blog or website, content that is auto generated from you. You still must edit and add valid information to your posts. These AI content generators are created to provide you a seed or creative ideas to add to your own indiviidual writings.

Below is a list of suggestions to help your content creation

NeuronWriter Lifetime deal

Use semantic recommendations to boost your SEO and plan high-ranking content

Content is required to build any business online so creating content can take up a lot of time and also a lot of money. However, creating valuable content is clearly considered a worthwhile investment. Neuron writer claims to be an AI-powered tool that could analyze the competition and help you write content that both readers and search engines will love.

Choosing the best content generator for your business can be based on the quality of articles generated compared to price. The process of creating high level unique content demands a lot of ideas and persistent from the blog writers, content creators, email marketers and more. Content creation is now a billion dollar business.

Optimise and enrich content with semantical SEO

Use recommendations based on NLP & SERPs. Add content generated with GPT-3 and have fun with quicker content creation and higher rankings.

However being able to generate a consistent flow of relevant and unique content demands some assistent from those individuals who must maintain several blogs or websites or newsletters. So to keep content flowing, many online content creators rely on Artificial Intelligence software that can create this unique content for them.

Jasper Many online reviewers listed Jasper as their number one content generating software, TThe instructions include Tell Jasper what your article is about and you’ll get a launchpad that helps you dive deep into your post. With the Boss Mode plan, you can provide your team with detailed instructions to Jasper.

Starter For hobbyists just getting started is $40/mo- billed annually :Access to all base templates. Write short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs and much more. 35,000 words generated

Writesonic is a lot more reasonable in price than Jasper. The AI generator provides content ideas and outlines. This AI writer has a full suite of templates for different types of content. Writes a full article with little assistant from the writer.

There is a free plan, The basic tool is only $12.87/month with the choice to upgrade to get access to full functionality. is the least expensive of the programs we reviewed. This easy to use content generator is great for providing ideas for new articles and the best structure for writing that new review article. There are templates for various types of content. You can also use the translation feature. Not recommended for high-end content production.

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that creates high-quality contentquickly and The most recommended AIContent Generator from Youtube was based on price, ease of use and the level of content produced.

Quick Efficient and Multiple Articles for Low Costs

Google has been looking at solving the potential issues of the predicted explosion of AI content to ensure their search results don’t become swamped with low-quality content Content generated automatically using AI writing tools is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, says Search Advocate John Mueller. The question becomes, how can Google distinquish between AI generated content.

The more high quality content you create, the more keywords you can rank for. The more keywords you rank for, the more traffic you get — and more traffic equals more money.

This fact increases the competition to continuously product high quality content in high quantities. The problem we encoutered when testing out these Artificial Intelligence content generators is that Google is actually against using these types of software. However, the strategy is to use them to generate new ideas and create unique copy. We found an product call that actually spins original articles into unique content.

“Spin Rewriter ” is the closest you can get to human-written bulk content with just a few clicks. With only a bit of occasional editing, you can provide Google-safe content to tens or even hundreds of PBN blogs each and every month.

Spin Rewriter claims to us breakthrough ENL Semantic Spinning technology. It’s the only spinner using the power of convolutional neural networks (read: cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence) to extract the meaning of your articles.

What is the main advantage of CNN?

The main advantage of CNN compared to its predecessors is that it automatically detects the important features without any human supervision SpinRewriter Affiliate are encouraged to understand this distinction when offering this product to its customers.

Every single Internet Marketer out there needs a good article spinning tool — you can never have too much quality content when it comes to marketing and SEO, Use Spin Rewriter with your best unique article that contains your key content phrases.

This is your seed article. Do not publish this articles until you check them yourself and modify them so they contain quality content and provide your best SEO phrases. Taking these precautions will insure that your articles pass Google’s tests.

SpinRewriter is the best article spinner out there. If you do want to spin articles, you need a rewriter that understands the subtle nuances of language. And that’s the strength of Spin Rewriter. Spin Rewriter is surely one of the best article spinners out there. It has the edge over a lot of other spinners.


It is ultimately your decision as to how and when you use these Artificial Intelligence tools to automate your online content creation. How many and to what extent yu choose to use these virtual helpers is your decision. The wise choice is to use them with discretion and use your own skills and writing ability to change and modify seed articles that you create.

If you take into account the price and how much time and money it will save you, Spin Rewriter is really a no-brainer. Get SpinRewriter Here


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