Nexus Fundraiser – Build Massive Residual Incomes (For You & Your Charity)

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Build Massive Income For You and Your Organization

Not only is Nexus Rewards helping 1000’s of people increase the size of their bank accounts, but now we can help worthy organizations raise funds on a consistent recurring basis.

Imagine the incomes you can create for your favorite charity, you school, your church, your favorite candidate. Everybody wins with this program. 

*With 100 Supporters, Organizations will earn $1000 per month.
*With 1000 Supporters, they will earn $10,000 monthly.

Nexus Fundraiser, a totally new division of Nexus Rewards gives organizations a way to offer their Supporters our amazing Cashback Apps and Savings Portals. And they will get $10 per Supporter, per month.

And You win too.  With Supporters being positioned on your 2nd level, you will earn $1 per month per Supporter.

Here’s your link to share with Organizations:

Check out the Fundraiser FAQs in your Nexus Rewards Members Area. We are committed to providing the very best Tools and Resources to build a Massive, Sustainable Residual Income Stream:

In some cases, many of the former donations are now clients because of massive job layoffs, the increase in basic expenses, and rampant inflation.

Dinners, charity auctions, and other types of fundraising events are not generating a consistent cash flow or an increasing cashflow.

Do not work as well with run-away inflations

So Nexus Fundraiser was born.  This unique business model will take the fundraising industry by storm. 

With perfect timing and the perfect product, Nexus has created the perfect marriage of fundraising, residual income and a solution to the rampant inflation that is causing havoc within those organizations whose mission is to help the poor.

From a referral business perspective, Nexus Rewards which is the founding company was created with the intent to provide a low cost high income business to its members.

Nexus Rewards expanding recently into the Fundraising business to provide this industry with a literal rescue plan that can build a massive residual income base for a worthy cause while providing the Nexus reward member with residual income and providing each donor to the organization reduced prices on everything they purchase thereby alleviating the bite and affect of inflation in their lives.

This program shows every indication that everyone who participates will win.

Even if you are a small organization with only 1,000 donors, Nexus will pay you $10.00 per month per donor each month that the donor remains a Nexus member.  This $10.00 is paid rom the “donation of $21.95 per month.  This money is paid directly to the organization.

For that $21.95 per month, the member or your supporter receives the following.

Nexus is the only program that helps the average consumer fight inflation

Access to money saving cashback apps that return cashback to the supporter almost 3x what the supporter is paying to Nexus for access.

Examples of cash back by Nexus Members.

Supporters will Receive More Money in Cash back per Month than they Spend for the Membership

Rakuten is a free app and is available to anyone.  However, I only because aware of Rakuten after I joined Nexus.  Many of your supporters will also be introduced to the “Free Money” Program that pays the supporter $30.00 back for making $30 in purchases.  Now that is a miracle.  It is “Free Money”

Rackuten Cash back
Rackuten Cash Back

Your supporters, who may be single mothers, dads, welfare recipients or individuals becoming destitute as a result of inflation can generate free cash with this one app.  Each time they tell-a-friend about Rakuten and they join, spend $30.00 the supporter receives an additional $30.00?

As your supporters spreads the word about Nexus Rewards, they are also spreading the word concerning your organization where your number of supporters will increase over time as a results of referral marketing. 

Earn Money with Nexus

Your supporter is not added to any matrix or downline and it is a violation of the terms of service for Nexus Rewards members to try and recruit them. 

However as your sponsors numbers grow, the member of Nexus Rewards that sponsored your membership will receive $1.00 for each of your supporters.

Other Benefits that Your Supporters Receive. Real life examples:

Rakuten Rewards/Shopping Boss/Gas Savings

Cash back received on purchasses
Cash back receivec by Nexus Member
Cash back from Rakuten

Bill Reduction Program From Nexus

Nexus Bill Reduction Program
Bill Reduction Program

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