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20,000 People+ Got The $30.00 Rakuten Cash Back App For Free & Made Money.

As our first 16,000 members are now telling everyone they can get to look their way about the Z automation that builds a marketing list and markets products. We are rapidly becoming one of the most powerful automated marketing platforms in the World. Be a part of History.

In less than 90 days 16,000 people have secured their free copy of the Rakuten App as Nexus wins the race to become the most successful make money from home platform in the World.

The question is do you make money now while the economy is crashing around you?

And do you get yours free? Or do you wait and pay $1000’s later when this offer ends and others are creating life changing incomes online.  Do you then race to try to catch up in time?

For less than $30.00 a month people are building small fortunes with this program to help you and your neighbors fight inflation.

Many of the people who join Nexus had never participated in anything online before! All they knew is they wanted to make some money!

Nexus Rewards Compensation Plan

The Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Membership Club designed to help people make money ​on all the things they already buy.

Get Rich Quick or Make Money Fast?

If you are tired of the false promises and the hyped income projections, then Nexus Rewards provide a straightforward way to earn money online while helping those around you get relief from this devastating inflation.

Refer your neighbors, family and friends to the program and not worry whether the product does what it claims. The benefts and savings are real.

Even before your referral becomes a member, they can earn quick cash from the Rakuten’s free app or save money and earn money from Upside with discounts on gas.

Now, if your referral uses the cheaper gas stations, this app will not be what they want. Nexus contracted with the premium gas providers to give cash back and discounts at the pump.

Membership Has its Privileges

Bill Reduction Program from Nexus

Question:  Can we really reduce your monthly bills by 100’s of dollars?
Answer:  Yes, we can, even $1000’s.  And we can help you make a Small Fortune in Residuals if you like?

How we can help you Keep More of Your Money!

Check out what some of our people already have saved:

  • Tim D.  Saved $1,200 on my AT&T Bill
  • Rob P. Saved $498 on my Optimum Bill
  • Joyce H.  Saved $1000 a Year on my Auto Insurance
  • Debbie H.  Saved $240 on my Spectrum Charter Bill
  • David J. Saved $890 on my Sprint Cellphone Bill
  • Judy P.  Got $378.50 Cashback buying Gasoline
  • Jim K. Saved $540 on my Verizon Bill, and Saved $360 on my Comcast, got Netflix for free
  • Stephen C. Saved $993.12 on my Comcast, and got a free 1 Gig upgrade
  • Cathy B.  Saved $758.12 on my Optimum Bill
  • Bob B. Saved $360 a Year on my Automobile Insurance
  • Joanne C.  Saved $840 on my DirectTV Bill
  • Connie D. Saved $665 on my ADT Home Security Bill
  • Matt H.  Saved $540 on my DirectTV Bill
  • John C. Saved $461 on my Comcast Bill
  • Celeste P. Saved $740 on my Verizon Bill
  • Kim W. Saved $680 a Year on my Home Insurance
  • Stacy R. Saved $1,249.24 on my Comcast Bill
  • Bruce N. Got 355,729 points ($355.73) with the Receipt App
  • Beverly M. Saved $480 on my Dish Network Bill and Saved $675 on my Verizon Bill
  • William P. Saved $561 on my Optimum Bill
  • Orpha P.  Saved $975 on my AT&T Bill
  • Ricky R. Over $900 in Cashback on Gas Purchases
  • Otis B.  Saved $1,746.00 a Year on my Auto Insurance
  • Dina M. Saved $1,016 on Verizon Wireless Bill, and Saved $2,872.80 on our Comcast Bill

Are You Ready to STOP OVERPAYING?  Let our Experts do the work for you.

Viral Marketing Explodes Your Income

My go-to number for referrals and engaged email subscribers, followers and sales starts at 1,000. Why do I choose this number?

“Using Forbes’s estimated pay rate of $5 per 1,000 views, a YouTube video with 1,000,000 views can make upward of $5,000, which makes being a modern-day influencer a pretty lucrative job! Most YouTube videos fail to reach these levels.

Nexus Rewards pays $10.00 for every paid referral on your first level. This is a solid income amount and would result in a residual income of $10,000 per month.

If you watched the compensation video above, you would discover the other income that is earned when you reach the level of 1st tier referral, including matching bonuses, upgrades in income and more.

Then there are the calculations that email marketers like to use

There is a default email subscriber value many gurus like to toss around. It’s this: Each email subscriber is worth $1 per month so that means you can make $10,000 a month from a list of 10,000 subscribers.

These calculations may not be true. Other statistics calculate that an email subscriber can be worth up to $42.00 each. At any rate, these numbers are still speculative whereas the number for the Nexus Reward Program is grounded in actual payments.

The real value in Nexus Rewards referral program is that you are providing a needed service that reduces monthly income. 

Nexus increases the take-home pay of everyone who enrolls. Few programs can boast that benefit.

It is a much harder task to explain the ingredients in a nutritional supplement to help your grandma’s back pain. 

It is harder to convince someone to part with their hard-earned cash to join the newest $1,000 money-making program that promises to cure the pain-points of the struggling marketer.

We have several ways to help you create a downline that will quickly replace your regular job. The program you just entered is only one example.

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