Savings Highway Group Plans

30 million Americans – No Health Care Coverage

Savings Highway Global provides affordable Health Care Benefits to its members. Both Group Plans through Employers and Individual Health care coverage to Individuals.

Savings Highway Group Plan Offers Affordable Coverage for Businesses

Savings Highway Group Plan is not your typical health coverage. Savings Highway Group Plan is a partially self-funded health care coverage program regulated by ERISA which is the Federal Law that sets the standards for over 60% of employer established health care plans in private and public sector industry.

Imagine zero deductible, first-dollar coverage, no medical underwriting, no pre-existing condition exclusions, ACA mandated coverages, and more – plus nationwide preferred provider networks that includes over 4000 primary hospitals and most licensed board-certified physicians. Savings Highway Group Plan offers “no deductible” coverage with flexibility, affordability, and usability so Employers can now effectively manage employee health care needs and benefit costs.

Your staff can purchase the amount of coverage that they believe best fits their needs and lifestyle. Savings Highway Group Plan provides a great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program. Savings Highway Group Plan is implemented on a contributory or non-contributory basis and fit easily into your 125 cafeteria plan to pay for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis.

For Employers, there are two programs:

  • Savings Highway Group Plan offers 4 comprehensive plans to cover individuals and families.
  • The Alliance for Shared Health (ASH) plan, offered through Free Market Administrators (FMA), has 3 catastrophic plan levels to choose from – $150,000 maximum, $250,000 annual maximum, and $500,000 annual maximum

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FMA Benefits

It’s no wonder there’s tremendous stress on the minds of literally tens of millions of people who either have no health insurance, have too little insurance, or are paying significantly too much for their health insurance.  Can you relate? 

Here’s where it gets really good, and we mean juicy!  FMA Benefits brings the very best solutions into reality, and provides them exclusively to our friends, partners, and clients.  That’s where you come in!  We all know the topic of health insurance is limited based on budget.  Therefore, we have made something available to every socio-economic status, starting at $39.95 for the entire family.  At this point, you should be saying, “Whaaaaaaat?!!!” 

Yes! We presume you want to know more, get the scoop, check out our premium list of providers, verify you can access the pharmacy down the street, and ask some questions.  Perfect!  We’ve already put ourselves in your shoes, and quite candidly, that’s how we make every decision.  

We aren’t like the others, and here’s how:

  • Significantly lower premiums
  • Ancillary program to reduce or eliminate deductibles and your maximum out-of-pocket expenses
  • Guaranteed Issue without underwriting
  • Two enrollment and monthly effective dates
  • Not subject to open enrollment
  • Largest PPO network in America
  • Fantastic customer service

Bottom line, you have arrived exactly where you’ve dreamed of when it comes to truly affordable health insurance.  After all, that’s our specialty! 

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